Coconut Bunny Cake-An Easter Tradition

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It’s an Easter tradition at our house to have a bunny cake for Easter–one that was passed down from my grandparents. The reigns sort of passed to me in 2009 when we hosted Easter for the first time. This was my first attempt…
Last year, even though Easter was at our house, we were at the hospital having our own little Easter bunny. Given the circumstances, I didn’t get a bunny cake made so someone purchased a store-bought variety as a stand-in. Is it just me, or is that a little scary?! Ew!!!!!
So, I’m back to making our bunny cake this year, thank goodness. This little guy is just so much cuter! And, really, it is not that difficult to make! 🙂 Easter Bunny Cake TutorialIngredients:

– 1 cake mix (or cake recipe) of your choice
– 1 can/batch of frosting  (I used the homemade cream cheese frosting recipe I use all the time).
1 bag shredded coconut
– jelly beans
– green food coloring
– Bake cake according to directions in 2 round pans (mine were 9″)
– After ample cooling time (during which you could make your frosting), cut the cakes in half. Place a thin layer between the two cakes & a thin layer on the flat, cut bottom (to help hold everything in place). Then, place it on a platter:

– Cut a piece off one end (where you will attach the end) and attach that cut piece (with some frosting) to the back for the tail:

– Using one of the cake halves left, cut a circle out from the center for the head. Attach with frosting. Use the pieces left over from either side of your cuts to make bunny “haunches”.

– Using the last half, carve out 2 bunny ear shapes, like this:

– To make sure the ears stay in place, put 8 toothpicks into the cake, starting at the head:

– Smear a generous amount of frosting to the sides and bottom of the ears (to help hold everything in place) and put the ears onto the toothpicks:

– Frost the cake. (You don’t really need to worry about a crumb coat or appearance). Then, gently pat on coconut for the bunny’s fur. Push in jelly beans for the face.

– For the grass, put coconut in a baggy (or just use the coconut bag), add green food coloring, and shake it up!! Mix until coconut is green and then spread around your bunny. Add some “eggs” and voila…

An adorable Easter bunny cake! Coconut Easter Bunny Cake
What Easter meal traditions do YOU have?

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15 Responses

  1. Last year's cake belongs on CakeWrecks!
    I might try this today, if I can get rid of my migraine.

    Thanks for the great recipes!

  2. Love your bunny cake. I remember my Mom making that cake for Easter so many years ago. I still have the little cookbook from the coconut company. Yours looks so good.

  3. oh my word the store bought cake was terrible looking, like the E. Bunny on crack. ha. Yours is adorable! I love it.

  4. Your bunny cake is beautiful. I love the 3-d effect and that you made it out of 2 rounds. We've made the flat bunny out of 2 rounds before but next time I'll have to do it this way – much cuter! Thanks for sharing how to do it. Visiting from TT&J;.

  5. Yikes! That store bought one IS scary! Seriously these people are trained in cake decorating. I know because a girl I knew in college worked in the bakery section at a grocery store and she had to work her way to learnning to do certain pasteries and cakes. Apparently that person confused "cute Easter cake" with trying to scare the children day.

    I love the cake in your last pictures. It's very cute and I love the jelly bean details on the face.

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