Children’s Book Review: “A Little Goes a Long Way”

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A Little Goes a Long Way Children's BookI’m so excited to be sharing about an adorable, new children’s book – A Little Goes a Long Way. It’s not everyday that you publicly get to brag about one of your oldest friends…and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing today! This sweet story (authored by Ashley Mills Monoghan) is made even cuter thanks to the adorable illustrations by my dear friend, Vivan Nguyen. So, in full disclosure right up front, there is NO way possible for this to be an unbiased review. I’ve loved Vivian’s drawings since we met in the 7th grade and I’ve LONG encouraged her to do a children’s book (and animate for Disney ;))! I even got sent an autographed copy, which is beyond fun!MEimageVivVivian’s illustrations are just perfect for the story (no surprise there) and really help bring the story of Finn & his family (including his cute little dog, Sausages) to life. Because of that, my boys were drawn to the book right away!Vivian Nguyen IllustrationsAnd thankfully, the story itself is great –perfect for toddlers through early elementary school ages! {From the author}: “A Little Goes a Long Way” is a simple story about a little boy who helps Mom and Dad around the house, but can’t seem to grasp the concept of ‘a little goes a long way.’ He learns to be more careful when doing practical everyday tasks while learning that no matter what mistakes he makes, Mom and Dad love him no matter what.

A Little Goes a Long Way was a long labor-of-love for author, Ashley Monoghan (you can read more on the book’s blog). I got to talk with Ashley and asked her why she wrote the book. Here’s what she had to say…

I wanted to write something that would be relatable to a child that was fun and easy to understand while giving a valuable lesson. I used to teach preschool and I know as a new mom myself that our little ones take great pride in being independent. Sometimes they just need a little reminder to use only what they need.

She definitely succeeds in getting that message across in the book in a way that little ones love. Little Brother loves a particular mess involving bubbles. And, all the boys love Sausages (the cute little dog in the story). As a mom, I love that there is a good message in the story. A Little Goes a Long Way BookSo, I really encourage you to add this to your children’s book collection!  As a mom of 3 boys, I know all about the messes that happen when little ones are just trying to “help”. It’s definitely a book that kids and parents can both relate to…and are sure to love! And, if you’re a preschool teacher, the author (a former Montessori teacher herself) has created some classroom activity ideas to accompany the book.

You can find the book at Barnes & Noble online and Amazon (referral link):


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I love supporting small businesses and “mompreneurs” (and of course, my very dear friend who is one amazing artist). So I’d love for you to buy a copy! 🙂

Would your kids like, A Little Goes a Long Way?

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