Bee-themed Teacher Valentine’s Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Big Brother’s Kindergarten class is “the bees”. So, we’ve gone with total bee-themed Valentine’s this year. First, we made bee valentines. Then, we made a bee Valentine’s mailbox. So, we decided his teacher definitely needed a bee-themed gift too! Teacher Valentine's GiftHow more perfect could a bottle of honey be for a bee-themed Valentine’s gift?! The inspiration came from this “bee mine” valentine on Make It Do. I loved the honey idea, but wanted a different wording for the card. And, I wanted the card to match with his bee class valentines. Honey bee valentine

The gift is SO easy to put together. Just a bottle of honey (I went with a bear just for the sake of cuteness), the printable teacher Valentine’s card, and some ribbon! Once I printed out the card, Big Brother wrote his message on the bag. Then, I punched a hole in the card and tied it around the honey. Super easy, but super cute! Now, here’s hoping that “Mrs. B” (yes, that is what the kids call her) likes honey! 😉 Big Brother was so excited to bring it to her. I can’t wait for him to get home from school today to hear all about his Valentine’s Day festivities!

If you’d like to use these card, just down­load the file from the link below. For best results, print on card stock or matte photo paper with your printer set to high­est quality.

Click to down­load the print­able—-> Bee Teacher Gift Printable

Honey Bee Valentine's Gift

Do you give teachers anything for Valentine’s Day?

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