A Ridemakerz Father’s Day!

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Did you do anything special for Father’s Day over the weekend? I strayed away from our more normal/homemade presents and surprised Daddy & Big Brother with a fun experience! Thanks to Amy at Dealusional, I found out about a sweet Buy One, Get One Free Ridemakerz deal for Father’s Day (and happily shared all about it on facebook)! As soon as I saw her post, I knew that’s what we’d do for Father’s Day! And, it was a HUGE hit!
Have you heard of Ridemakerz or seen one of the stores?! We hadn’t until recently and Big Brother was immediately enamored. It’s basically like the “Build-a-Bear” experience, only it’s all things cars!! We’re very lucky to have one here in the Phoenix area, as there are only 5 around the country (2 of which are at the Downtown Disney areas in Anaheim and Orlando)! You can find all the locations here. Additionally though, we do know that there are mini-Ridemakerz stations at the new interactive Disney Stores
As part of the experience, you start off by picking the car body and there are LOTS of choices!! It’s a tough decision…do you get a “real car”, or Lightning McQueen, or Mater, or a firetruck?!

After much deliberation, Big Brother ended up with a flashy green Dodge Viper and Daddy picked  himself out a sleek black corvette!

After you’ve selected your car of choice, you can select upgraded sound chips (all cars comes with a standard chip), pick out your tires, and even fancy rims if you like! There are even all kinds of cool accessories & decals you can add on! In fact, there are apparently at least 649 million possible combinations! 
Once you’ve made your basic choices, now comes the really fun part–getting to put together your own car!! This is SO cool! They have little stations and use functional little drills reminiscent of the pneumatic wrenches that real pit crews use! Super cool!
You can choose to make the car remote control (which we opted for) or leave it a standard push car. Either way though, the lights and sounds are so fun! Big Brother’s Viper even has red hood lights! 🙂

After everything is assembled (and you’ve added on any additional accessories that you want), then you’re done! You even get a fun carrying cases to bring them home in, plus a little screw driver that looks like a key to open the battery areas when needed!

Look at the excitement on Big Brother’s face!! He absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to try out his new ride! There was a nice open space right in front of the store and there weren’t too many people around, so we had to try everything out! Our friends from Our Crazy Boys even joined us for a few minutes! 

This was a less than traditional Father’s Day present around here, but one that was SUPER fun and I think will be remembered (and enjoyed) for a long time!! The “boys” have loved playing with the cars since we’ve gotten them! If you have boys (big or little) who love cars, I highly recommend you check out Ridemakerz if you get the chance! 

Did YOU do anything unique or extra-fun for Father’s Day?
Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Ridemakerz and was not compenstated or given free product to write this post. We simply had a great experience and wanted to share!

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  1. It was great seeing you, though it was busy with all of the excitement! I can't wait to spend some more time with you in just 7 short weeks!!

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