$50 Worth of Safeway Groceries….FREE!

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Thanks to one of my favorite deal sites, The Frugal Find, groceries from Safeway were delivered to my door this morning…and it end up costing me NOTHING!  In fact, I MADE $2.56 in doing so.

Here’s what I did:
Special note:  For this to work in the same way, you must be a new delivery customer and a new Shop At Home customer.

1.  Head over to Shop At Home.  If you’ve not signed up yet with Shop At Home, you’ll get $5 when you sign up at Shop At Home through this link and it’s your first transaction.  Then do a search for Safeway through Shop At Home and click through to Safeway’s website from there.  This will give you another $12 once you make your Safeway purchase. (Even if you already have a Shop At Home account, you can still get the $12!)

2.  Once at the Safeway site, register for an account and shop for Buy One, Get One Free items.  (At Safeway’s website, go to Grocery Delivery and click the on the online savings tab.  Then shop for BOGO savings by department). 

Add BOGO free items to your cart in quantities of 2.  Continue adding items until your cart is just over $50.  

3.  Also, take note of any other special deals.  For instance, I saw one on the side bar for a “HAMDEAL”.  When you purchase any of the hams they had listed, you get a bottle of Grey Poupon free.  They had some hams for only $.99/lb!  So, I opted to do that deal instead of all BOGO items since we always have ham at Christmas.
Shop at Home. We Deliver. Safeway.com   4.  Once you have your cart full at just over $50, schedule your delivery and add promo code: CJSAVINGS.  Also, add any other codes for special deals you found (this is where I added my “hamdeal” code).

5.  Your new total will reflect the promo codes taken off, but will not reflect the BOGO.  Those will be reflected in your final bill when the groceries are delivered:

Here’s what my order looked like:

All the items listed with quantities of 2 are BOGO items in my area.  So, the price of one of each of them comes off at delivery.  That takes my total down to $13.55**!!!  Now, $13.55 for $52.56 worth of groceries is a good deal in itself–especially when it is delivered to me!  But, by using Shop At Home, I earned $17.  So, that means I got paid to have all those groceries delivered to my house!!!

A few things to remember:  
* to get this level of savings, you must be new to both programs 
* the deals & prices in your area may differ
* there is the possibility that the delivery total will differ slightly if a different sized item was added/they were out of something/etc. (**my total was actually $14.44 because the ham they brought was slightly larger than the one I ordered, which was fine by me!!).

Thanks again to The Frugal Find for alerting me to this awesome deal!!!

You can head over there to see a couple other grocery cart scenarios and experiences from readers!

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