5 Travel Tips for Coming Home from Vacation

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‘Tis the season for summer vacation and family trips! The “coming back home” part of vacation isn’t always so enjoyable though, so we’re sharing some tips today to help make your return home from vacation easier as part of a sponsored partnership with Tai Pei Food.  Travel Tips for Returning Home from VacationIt’s no secret that we LOVE traveling! I even launched a new instagram account recently (follow us at @TravelEndeavors) dedicated just to all things travel! While the trips can be SO fun, coming home and getting back to real life can be HARD. So over the years, I’ve learned that there are a few things you can do that can REALLY make your return home more enjoyable…or at least a little easier! So, I’m sharing our favorite tips that can help your transition back to reality!  Returning from Vacation

Back Home from Vacation

#1: Clean Before You Leave! No one wants to get back from vacation and immediately get to work on house chores and cleaning! Plus, it is SO nice walking into a clean and tidy house after a long day of travel. So, schedule in some extra time during the days before you leave for vacation to clean the house. If you don’t have the bandwidth for it, then hire a housecleaner to come in the day before you’re scheduled to leave. It can really be money well spent to help your sanity when you get back!

#2: Take Out the Trash & Empty the Sink/Dishwasher! These go right along with cleaning the house, but they’re important enough that I decided to separate them out! Coming home to a stinky house is decidedly NOT a good “welcome home” present. The usual smelly culprits are the trash, sink, and/or dishwasher. So even if you can’t manage completely cleaning the entire house, make sure these tasks get done as part of the “travel leaving checklist”! 

#3: Use Paper Plates! The last thing I want to do before leaving for vacation is wash a sink full of dishes! I also don’t want to have to do dishes after that first meal back at home since there will be a mountain of clothes that need washing. So to save yourself some washing time, just use paper plates for that last meal or two before leaving and the day or two after you get home!

#4: Stock the Freezer! Who wants to think about cooking and meal prepping immediately upon returning from vacation? Certainly not me! So, I like to stock the freezer with some tasty and convenient items for when we get home! Tai Pei frozen Asian entrees are perfect for that! I love that with Tai Pei there’s no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors so the meal prep can wait! Tai Pei EntreesNot only are the Tai Pei entrees tasty with filling ingredients, but the containers are the perfect portion size! You just pop these in the microwave and have meal served up in minutes – the PERFECT  alternative to cooking when you’ve just gotten back from vacation! Plus, you don’t need to do extra dishes if you just eat right out of the containers (for the win)! Find out where to buy Tai Pei entrees here! Tai Pei Asian FoodBeef and Broccoli

#5: Grocery Ordering Service. In addition to stocking up on some freezer items before the trip, another thing you can do is use a grocery ordering service as soon as you get back from the trip! Depending on which store/service you use, you could place an order while you’re still at the airport (or as you’re rolling back into town). You can keep a note right in your phone of what you’ll need, place your order, and then just pick up your groceries on the way home or have them delivered! SO nice! If you don’t get the freezer stocked before you leave, you can always add some items to the grocery order! You really can’t go wrong with the Tai Pei entrees for this to keep that vacation feeling a little longer!

What do YOU do to help the transition back home from vacation? 

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post, while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by Tai Pei Food to review this product.

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