20+ Gross and Gory Halloween Fun Foods

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It’s no secret that we’re BIG fans of themed fun foods, especially for holidays and parties. Halloween is one that you can especially have SO much fun with. While we’re all for cute Halloween treats around here, the former biology teacher in me thinks it’s sometimes fun to sometimes get a little “gross” at Halloween. If you think the gross/gory route is too much for the little ones, these ideas are PERFECT for teens/tweens. Some of them would also be great for a Walking Dead watch party!

So, 20+ of our favorite totally gross and/or gory fun food ideas! Gross & Gory Halloween Fun Foods1. Kitty Litter Cake | Amanda’s Cookin’
2. Brains in a Jar | Living Locurto
3. Severed Fingers in a Bun | Party Tipz
4. Swamp Pesto with Severed Fingers | The Peach Kitchen
5. Meat Hand | Not Martha
6. Bloody Band-Aids | Katherine Marie Photography
7. Sausage Stuffed Pastry Guts | Kitchen Overlord
8. Eerie Gummy Leeches | The Things We’ll Make
9. Jello Brains | About a Mom
10. Blood Cupcakes with Broken Beer Bottle Glass Shards | The Cookie Writer
11. Bloody Teeth Treats | She Knows
12. Jello Blood Worms | The Idea Room
13. Halloween Eyeball Punch | Olivia’s Cuisine
14. Creepy Jello Cups | From Brazil to You
15. Bloody Bite Cupcakes | Miss Make
16. Spider Blood Shot | Low Carb So Simple
17. Vampire Cocktail | Self Proclaimed Foodie
18. Green Monster Shot | Barman’s Journal
19. Cookies and Cream Cheeseball Rat | Hungry Happenings
20. Brain Dip | Jo and Sue
21. Witch’s Potion Ingredients Buffet | Mom Endeavors

Totally disgusting, right?!

Which one looks/sounds the most disgusting to YOU?

For more Halloween fun food ideas (most of which are substantially LESS gross), be sure to check out all the posts below!

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