15+ Easy One Pot Family Dinners

Mealtime for families is important – coming together, sharing good food, discussing all kinds of topics. In fact, many research studies show that having family dinners can make a big difference in children’s lives! For many families, Sunday night is a traditional time to come together for a nice meal. But, the cook doesn’t always want to be slaving away in the kitchen all day…and really, who likes washing tons of dishes? So thanks to a partnership with Foodie.com, I’ve created a fun collection with 15+ one pot family dinner ideas. With these, you can enjoy a nice family dinner with only have ONE cooking pot/pan to clean up at the end. That’s a win!  Just click through the slide show to see all my picks and be taken to the recipes!
Don’t those all look great? There’s something for just about everyone there! If you’re looking for something quick, my one pan baked salmon & veggies recipe can be prepped & cooked in under 30 minutes! And, it’s paleo! Then, there’s the slow cooker balsamic pot roast (that is sooooo good). Just throw all the ingredients into the pot in the morning and have a super tasty dinner that night. Then, from many of my blogging friends, there are so many tasty one pot pasta dishes included! I’m definitely trying some of these out! 15+ One Pot Meal RecipesSo, whether it’s a Sunday night family dinner or a quick weeknight meal after a busy day at work, these one pot dinners are sure to please. A tasty meal with fewer dishes is always great in my book. So, be sure to check out that slideshow to save those recipes. And, for more great recipe collections, be follow me on Foodie.

Do you have any favorite one pot meals?

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Foodie.com. As always, my opinions, experiences (and recipe picks) are entirely my own.


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