Easy Hanukkah Crafts

Hanukkah begins this week and while we are not Jewish, our friends’ kids who I watch during the week are.  So, today, we made a few little crafts in honor of Hanukkah.
I printed off some of these coloring pages (found here):

Also, I decided we should do some painting activities. Something very simple is just cutting some card stock lengthwise into strips (and then cutting those in half)–ending up with small strips of paper like this:

Then, let the kids paint their paper strips with blue paint (some silver glitter would have been a nice addition too!) 

The blue paint can also be used for handprint menorahs, like this:
For candle flames, either use their fingerprints dipped in yellow or orange paint. If you don’t have any (like me), then just cut some flames out of yellow/orange paper.
Once the blue strips are dry, then you can make Stars of David…
…or candles!  
You could do all kinds of various things with them–or put them all together in a little “Happy Hanukkah” display.  Add a little contact paper and you could have some really cute placemats! 


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