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I received an iSwimband for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own, and I am genuinely excited to share this product with you! I think this device may very well save a child’s life!
iSWIMBAND Water Safety Device ReviewLiving in Phoenix, we are all too familiar with the dangers of kids around water. Sadly there are countless drowning and near drowning stories here every year. Often during the summer months, we hear about them daily. When I was growing up a close family friend’s little cousin drowned at 2 (was revived and left with severe traumatic brain injury) and another local blogger just lost her son in drowning accident. Where water is concerned, things go from fine to fatal in a VERY short period of time. The old water-safety campaign of, “it only takes a second”, couldn’t be more accurate. As a parent, we’ve actually had a few different instances of kids slipping beneath the water (completely quietly as drowning is silent). And, had we not had someone there being vigilant, we too could be another sad drowning statistic. So, I’m all for water safety devices like the iSwimband that can potentially help save a child! iSwimbandThe iSwimband is a small wireless device that acts as a swimmer immersion detector. The device is worn either on the head (ideal for swimmers) or on the wrist (ideal for non-swimmers) and pairs with a compatible Bluetooth-enabled smart device running the free iSwimband app (currently only running on Apple devices, but will soon be on Android as well). With the iSwimband sensor powered on & synched to your device, the app on your device constantly monitors the activity of the sensor. Once it’s been submerged for too long (about 20 seconds for swimmers and 5 seconds or less for non-swimmers), the alarms sound!

I was so curious to see how it all really worked! So, thanks to one of our favorite local resorts – The Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak – we headed out to a fun pool to test everything out! iswimband drowning prevention deviceWith our two iSwimband devices, we tested it with all 3 boys. With Big Brother, we used the swimmer setting and he wore it on his head. Even with goggles, there was no issue with wearing it! We had Baby Brother wear try the non-swimmer mode on his wrist (and then gave Little Brother a turn at it too). You’re able to synch multiple iSwimband systems up to your app at the same time and you can even change the name(s) to whatever you like. When the app is open on your phone, you’ll be alerted if one (or more) of your children have been underwater too long by a red warning screen. It tells you exactly which device (which child) is potentially in danger. Additionally, your camera flash will strobe and a distinctive siren sound will scream from your speakers. If you’re in another app (or using your camera, your email, etc), all the audio alarms still go off (just not the red screen). So, it prompts you to check the pool…and if you need to, you can open the app to see who the alert is for. iswimband device reviewHow amazing is this?! Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first, but so far, I’m really impressed!! While we were at the hotel pool, I look up at one point to see every single adult (7) on their phones. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. All were sitting right in front of all the kids playing in the pool. Not one adult was watching. Not one.

Obviously, there is NO replacement for adult supervision. NONE. The ONLY sure fire way to prevent a drowning is to be absolutely 100% vigilant with kids around water. But, let’s face it, distractions are everywhere. Our phones, chatting with the friend we’re there with, another child who needs your attention, all the activity around us. So, the idea of having another added layer of protection is great! This isn’t a replacement for your attention, but it sure is a nice added back up layer for those distracted moments.

And, I LOVE the idea of putting it on the wrist a non-swimmer when you’re at a party or event near a body of water (whether that’s a pool, lake, pond, etc). We were once at a house warming party for some friend’s who hadn’t fenced in the pool yet (I didn’t know that before going). Big Brother was only 3 at the time and in this large house, we lost sight of him for a minute. My heart absolutely sank & I was beyond terrified when we couldn’t find him and someone asked if he had gone outside. I still feel anxiety just thinking about that panicked feeling (turns out – he found a fun playroom and was intentionally hiding from us). In that situation, an iSwimband would have been incredible. iSwimband Drowning DetectionWhat do you think of the iSwimband? Would you use one for your kid(s)?

Disclosure: I received an iSwimband for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Absolutely~ I would use these. We had some VERY close calls when the boys where little. Camping along the river even with multiple families and adults watching. I jumped in after #1 nephew when he held onto a boat as it was leaving the beach and pulled into deep water. Sis ran and dove when my #2 son was wading and stepped into a prop hole and went under. Thank God she was alert. Both times the iSwimbands would have been a God Send.

  2. Oh wow, I love this. Like you said, adult supervision is a must but this is a great additional tool because things happen in seconds. Hayden has loved swimming lately so I need to get this.

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