Up for a household challenge?

I am–and it’s a much needed one too!
In an effort to get more organized and make this house run a little smoother, I’m taking Fish Mama up on her challenge and I’ll be making a household notebook! 

Do YOU have a household notebook? If so, I want to hear all about it!  Please leave a comment with links, ideas, suggestions–whatever you have to help!  If not, how ’bout you make one too?
Photo Source: Life as Mom

If you want to make one “with” me, head over to Life as Mom and read all about her ideas and tips in making a household notebook. If you want to participate in her link-up & giveaway, then get everything together and post about it by the 31st!

In addition to the great list of resources on the Life as Mom post, here are a few more sites with some free downloads to help you put together the best notebook for you:
Organizing Junkie

So, who’s with me? Who has ideas for me? Let me know!
And, stay tuned, as I will be sharing my household notebook with you by the end of the month!

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