Train Birthday Party!

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All aboard the birthday express!! 
Our little guys are 3 years and 1 day apart. Little Brother’s due date was Big Brother’s 3rd birthday. So, this was the first of what is likely to be many joint birthday parties to come!! We had some party ideas of our own, but with Big Brother turning 4, he was able to voice his opinion quite clearly…TRAIN PARTY! That was probably influenced by our “Day out with Thomas” event in March, but I liked it nonetheless. 
I thought it would be a cute theme for a joint party–being able to make use of the train cars to highlight each kiddo’s birthday. 
We started everything off with the invitations…
…and after much planning and creating (more on that in an upcoming post), birthday party day was finally here!  
The train party playlist was ready & the boys were dressed in their homemade matching birthday shirts, of course!
 We stuck to mostly red, white, blues, and yellow for the colors. The house was decorated with balloons, flag banners (aka triangle buntings), railroad signs, and train tracks! 🙂 Here’s a post all about making the decorations!


We had 3 tables set up inside the house–the food table, the favor table, and the dessert table. Sadly, we have no pictures of the food table, but the main menu features were “train cars” (sandwiches), “choo choo chicken” (chicken nuggets for the kiddos), and “train wheel salad” (a cold veggie pasta salad made with the wheel shaped pasta). 
Here’s the favor table–the kiddos who wore them looked SO cute in their engineer hats! 🙂
But, of the three, the crowd favorite was most definitely the dessert table! 
No surprise there, right?! How can you go wrong with glasses filled with licorice, color-coordinated m&ms;, train lollipops, a little bucket a oreos (or coal), and a train cake?! In addition to all the fun sweets, the table was decorated with some of our favorite train books, a couple of train toys, and framed train-related pictures!
The cake was by far the biggest undertaking, so much so that it gets its own train cake post! I’m so pleased with the way it turned out!
And, the most important thing was that Big Brother was thrilled and could hardly stand having to wait all day to have a piece! Little Brother enjoyed it too!  🙂
And, while the cake was a hit, the highlight of the night was the train bounce-house! We were SHOCKED at how big it was–it looked SO cool in the backyard! Needless to say, the kids had a BLAST playing in it! It was such a fun surprise for Big Brother and a definite crowd pleaser!
It was a great night!! 
Thanks for sharing in our train party fun! 

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19 Responses

  1. Sara this is awesome!! I am so impressed…you really pulled out all the stops. I love the train tracks made from tape, so cool! And seriously, the bounce house looks amazing…I wish we had money to do that! You did a lot of work, here…you must have been exhausted!! Can't wait to see more fun details. My party is going to be very simple since I do not have time/energy/money to do anything awesome. 🙂

  2. You are the best mom ever!!! What an amazing party. Isn't it fun to sit back and watch them enjoy it?

  3. I have to be honest with you, I'm a big Thomas the Tank Engine enthusiast. I had 3 brothers growing up, so I got to watch a lot of old school Thomas. Your party is FABULOUS, coolest mom evaaaaar!

  4. You did an amazing job with that party! I am so impressed by you! Mom Endeavors party styling is the hottest thing on the market these days apparently!! 🙂

  5. These are great pictures for a great birthday party idea. I will pass the photos and ideas along to my sister-in-law, as her little guy loves Thomas and trains! The cake and the huge train in the yard were my favourite parts.

    ~ Vesna @ ~

  6. What a cute idea to do the train tracks on the tile. I need to remember that one.

  7. just came across your party after doing a google search. my boys are going to have a combined train party as well. big brother will be 4 and little brother will be 1! so happy that i have some inspiration after visiting your site! the party looked fantastic!!

  8. Love the pics! What kind of tape did you use to make the tracks? Did they leave a sticky residue on your floor? Thanks!

    1. We rented it from a local party/bounce house rental company. Just search for companies in your area and you can see all of their options. I’d bet other companies have this as a rental too. It was SUPER cool!

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