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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been almost six full months since I embarked on this journey as a Shaklee blogger. When I first signed up, I was admittedly nervous. Six months sounded like a long time. Yet now I can’t believe the official time as a Shaklee blogger is done. Funny how that works! For me though, this isn’t the end. I plan to continue using my favorite Shaklee products. There are a couple of smoothies that I really, really like (in fact, my favorite chocolate banana smoothie has been replaced with an “apple pie” smoothie). And, I can’t wait to put in an order for the new Seasonal Vanilla Chai Smoothee mix! Yum! So, I’m excited to continue on this path and see where it takes me.

But, I know the real thing you’re wondering about is how I did. “Did it work? Did I lose any weight? etc”. The answer is yes. It did work. I lost weight; I lost inches; and I my body as a whole feels so much better! Admittedly, I was hoping for bigger numbers lost on the scale. But, there’s no one to fault for that, but me. I talked about some of that in my Month 5 video update. There were times that I struggled with motivation; struggled with choosing a smoothie over a cheeseburger; struggled with eating a meal bar instead of pizza. And, I didn’t start a consistent work-out routine. I think I was afraid of burning out (something that’s happened before)–like if I made too drastic a change too fast, I wouldn’t be able to stick with it. In fact, I didn’t really start the program with a set numbers goal in mind. Honestly, my goal was just to stick with it (I’d never stuck to any sort of program like this for more than 2-3 months before) and see what happens. So, yes, my numbers could have been bigger. But, I’m not viewing this as any kind of failure. I stuck with the program for 6 months (admittedly, some days/weeks better than others); I’ve lost weight and inches; and I feel better!

So, with Shaklee, and really since the end of January when I embarked on a whole healthier lifestyle journey,  I’ve been taking baby steps with everything. Hopefully though, those baby steps are going to add up to a whole big difference and ultimately a complete lifestyle change. The past 6 months are already proof that it works. So, I know I’m on the right track and I’m thankful that I’ve been a part of the Shaklee 180 blogging program the past 6 months to help keep me accountable!

Shaklee 180 Before & AfterYou all, I know it’s not even 15 pounds in 6 months (which is by no means earth-shattering)…but I feel SO.MUCH.DIFFERENT! I feel much less “frumpy”. And, my waist and I are starting to get re-acquainted! Fancy that! 😉 Plus, almost 30 inches gone from my body?! WOW!
Seeing these pictures side by side today and taking the measurements has been a HUGE motivator for me. Some days I don’t really notice a change, or start feeling the “frump” come back on. But, seeing the side by side pictures really puts into perspective what a difference it’s made! If you’re on a weight-loss or fitness journey, I really encourage you to take before photos and measurements. I wish I would have done that from the very beginning as that wasn’t even my full “before”! From January 21st until I started Shaklee in March, I lost 10 pounds! So, I’m down 24.5 pounds since then! After seeing these pictures, the thought of losing another 24.5 has me really excited (and p.s.–the pants in the after pictures are the same ones, but one size smaller 😉 Woot!) Shaklee 180 Results Shaklee 180 TransformationHere’s the details on the inches lost: Shaklee 180 Inches lostThat’s proof that little changes (a half an inch here and there) can add up to a pretty significant difference. And, I’m using all of this to motivate me to keep going… to keep taking baby steps (and even some big steps), move more, eat better, look better, feel better!

Be sure to check out the video post I did too where I share my biggest take-away from the Shaklee 180 program! It’s my favorite video so far & a really important take-away!

To see my entire Shaklee journey, please click here —> Mom Endeavors Shaklee 180 experience. If you want to learn more about the Shaklee 180program in general, please go here for more information! And, if you’re inter­ested in join­ing me on the jour­ney or try­ing out any of Shaklee’s prod­ucts for your­self, please order through my Shak­lee site.

Thanks for your encouragement!!

Dis­clo­sure: This is a spon­sored post as part of the Shak­lee Cor­po­ra­tion blog­ger pro­gram. I will be receiv­ing free prod­ucts, online sup­port and incen­tives for par­tic­i­pat­ing. My opin­ions are my own. I am also a Shak­lee Independent Dis­trib­u­tor. Peo­ple fol­low­ing the weight-loss por­tion of the Shak­lee 180™ Pro­gram can expect to lose 1–2 pounds per week. I am receiv­ing free prod­ucts, online sup­port, and incen­tives for participating. 

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    1. Thanks so much, Melanie! We should meet up sometime for a good long walk & talk sometime! 😉 That would be so fun!

  1. Yes, I can see the difference. It really doesn’t matter how fast it is, as long as we”re making progress, it’s awesome! You’ve made some great progress!

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