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Baby Yoda (aka “The Child) from Disney Plus’ new hit show, The Mandalorian, is totally adorable and it’s safe to say the whole world is obsessed. To help fuel your (and your kids’) obsession, we’ve got THE CUTEST free printable Baby Yoda Valentines!!! Sure to be a hit these valentines are! Printable Baby Yoda Valentines CardsSure, Star Wars Valentines are always good. But this year, kids will be clamoring for a very particular Star Wars Valentine…hello, Baby Yoda. I mean, seriously, how stinkin’ cute is he?! As soon as The Mandalorian debuted on Disney+, it seemed like that’s all anyone was talking about. And this phenomena goes beyond just mega Star Wars fans. Indeed, it seems like almost everyone is OBSESSED with Baby Yoda. Rightly so, because he’s just so SO cute. But, he’s NOT actually baby Yoda.

What is Baby Yoda? 

For anyone that is out of the Star Wars/Disney+ loop (you’re seriously missing out), Baby Yoda is actually the nickname given to a character called, “The Child” from The Mandalorian – a new Star Wars Disney+ original television series. The timeline in the Star Wars Universe doesn’t work for this character to actually be baby Yoda. Instead, he’s affectionately called “Baby Yoda” because he looks just like a baby version (although he’s actually 50 years old when the show debuts) of the beloved Star Wars Jedi Master, Yoda. However, it is clear that “The Child” is Force sensitive just like Yoda. But we don’t know (yet) if he’s related to Yoda in any way or just one of the same species. No matter what or WHO he is though, it’s clear that Baby Yoda is adorable. The Mandalorian (a bounty hunter that the show centers around) is paid to collect “The Child” – and that sets off a whole series of adventures. And as part of that, we often hear The Mandalorian (aka “Mando”) say, “this is the way”. So, Baby Yoda and that phrase were inspiration for these adorable cards.

Custom Baby Yoda Artwork

Obviously we’ve established that Baby Yoda is seriously cute just as he appears in the show. But I happen to think THIS Baby Yoda original artwork is THE cutest! And yes I’m totally biased because this custom Baby Yoda graphic is designed by my dear friend, illustrator, and artist, Vivian Nguyen.We’ve been friends since the 7th grade and she was an amazing artist even back then. Growing up, all of our friends thought she’d end up animating for Disney. And while that’s not the direction she went, she is an artist & designer for a different well-known company! Her sketches and characters continue to be some of my very favorites, so I knew she was THE person to ask to create an adorable version of Baby Yoda to offer here on the blog! In the midst of her insanely busy schedule, she found the time to create this for all of you Mom Endeavors readers. So, please enjoy these (I love them SO much) and PLEASE respect the artist and the artwork – this is custom done for THIS site only and for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. Also, please do go check her out and give her some love (@VivDraws on Instagram and Twitter). Thanks, Vivian!

Now, let’s get on to these adorable printable Baby Yoda valentines cards! Because you know what’s better than adorable Baby Yoda by himself? Baby Yoda handing you a heart lollipop!!!

Baby Yoda Lollipop Valentines

I mean seriously…who wouldn’t love to receive a lollipop from an adorably sweet little Baby Yoda?! I definitely think the saying is accurate: This IS the way to a sweet Valentine’s Day! 😉 And if my boys’ reaction was any indiction (they squealed), I think it’s safe to say these Baby Yoda lollipop valentines will be a ginormous hit for valentines exchanges everywhere! Truly, the Force is STRONG with these Baby Yoda valentine cards!!! All you need to make these adorable Baby Yoda valentines is the printable cards (available in the link below) and some lollipops. I LOVE the look of the plain heart-shaped lollipops, but any lollipop will do. In fact, if you can’t find lollipops or you’d like to do something different, any candy that you could make fit there would really work. But I really liked making it look like he was handing out a lollipop, so that’s what we did.

Cutting Instructions

To make that happen, you’ll have a few options. The one that looks most like him actually holding the lollipop is to cut two slits in each card with a craft knife. Make one slit in Baby Yoda’s outstretched hand and one small slit just a little bit below it. You want to make the slit just big enough for the stick to pass through. Then, lace the lollipop stick through the slits to make it appear as though Baby Yoda is handing you a lollipop. Use tape on the back (both along the stick at the slits and at the top of the card), to nicely secure the lollipop to the card. Also note, you may have to cut the lollipop sticks if they are too long and you don’t want them covering up the words. I needed to do that with these. That way is my favorite because it really gives a sort of 3D illusion of Baby Yoda handing out the lollipop. BUT, this version is a little more work and does have a greater chance of ripping. So, if you don’t want to deal with all that, here’s the other options: 

  • Option A: Just as described above. Cut two slits & slide the lollipop through (tape on back).
  • Option B: Cut one slit in Baby Yoda’s hand (as described above), but don’t deal with the second one. Just slide in and tape down on the back.
  • Option C: No cuts! Just put the lollipop stick on Baby Yoda’s hand. Use a small piece of tape on the front (over the stick) and use tape on the back of the card and lollipop to secure.

You absolutely canNOT go wrong with whatever version you choose! So, just buy your candy of choice and download the printable cards below!

Printable Baby Yoda Valentine Cards

These adorable cards are totally FREE for you to print (for personal use only)!!! The printable page contains 6 cards, you’ll probably only need to print 4-5 pages for your kids’ valentine exchanges (based on average elementary-sized classes). Just down­load the Baby Yoda Valentines file from the link below. For best results, print on card white stock or matte photo paper with your printer set to high­est quality (or a photo quality). I also recommend scaling to “Fit to Paper” or “Fill Entire Paper” just so things are more even and you have less excess trimming.

Once printed, use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut the 6 cards apart. Then write on names (I left off the “to & from” so you could decide on the back or front for that) and attach your lollipops! Then, share with your friends, your kids, for your kids’ friends, your coworkers, your favorite Star Wars fans, and watch their face light up when they see this adorable Baby Yoda! This IS the way to a sweet Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!

Free Printable Download

——>*Download the FREE Printable Baby Yoda Valentines HERE!*<——
*Important note: these cards & original Baby Yoda artwork are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. The artwork was created by the artist for use by THIS site only and for the personal use of readers. This printable and/or artwork cannot then be offered for sale, resale, any commercial purposes, mass distribution, etc. In other words, don’t steal.
In Yoda speak: Respect the artist, you must. For personal use only, this is. 

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  2. Thank you for the printable! My 8 year old son cannot wait to hand these out! I’m proud to know both of you lovely ladies!

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