Preserving Precious Handprints & Footprints {Child to Cherish Tower of Time Review}

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What is it about little ones’ hands and feet? Maybe because they’re such a miracle? Because they’re so tiny? Or because those moments are so fleeting? I’m not entirely sure of it, but I love them and am a total sucker for handprint & footprint crafts. Anything to preserve those precious little hands & feet!So, I recently got to try out a new way to preserve those precious prints… in plaster as part of the Child to Cherish Handprints Tower of Time Kit! I’ve got the ink prints from the hospital of course. And, over the last few years, we’ve done quite a few handprint crafts. But, I’ve never made any plaster prints/molds. So, I was excited to try it out!

The Tower of Time kit includes 5 tins (1 for the first 5 years of a child’s life), each containing plaster powder & directions. Cute concept, right?! We didn’t do anything like this for the oldest two. And, I didn’t want to have 5 for Baby Brother yet none of the others. So, I decided to change it up a bit. My plan was to use numbers 1, 3, and 5 for a handprint of Baby Brother, Little Brother, and Big Brother. How cute would that look hanging on the wall?!

So, we got to work– carefully following the instructions, measuring, mixing, and then trying to get the prints. The plaster was easy to mix up– the kids even helped! We did one tin at a time, as I didn’t want to run the risk of it drying too fast & not getting an imprint.

We tried for Baby Brother’s handprint first, but failed. Those wee little newborn hands just You know how they like to keep them in those cute little fists? Yah, not so great for plaster molds. He was awake and just not having it. So, before the plaster dried and we couldn’t get anything, we opted to try a footprint. And, well, that turned out pretty darn cute!

Look at those super tiny toes!! So crazy! We’re planning to attempt a handprint of him in the #2 tin in a few months (or maybe not until he’s one). But, we did manage to get pretty decent prints from the bigger boys.

The key was making sure the plaster was just the right consistency. After putting the mixture in the tins, we kept tapping the tins on the table (as per the directions) until all the little bubbles disappeared. Right as the plaster seemed like it was setting, we pushed their hands down in it. Of course, since kiddos are involved, they’re by no means “perfect”. But, it’s pretty fun to have their little prints preserved in the plaster like this. Can’t wait to add Baby Brother’s hand to the mix and decide what to do with tin #5!

They have to cure for a week. Then, I need to decide how I want to display them and if I want to add any paint, color, or labels. What would YOU do? I’ll keep you posted on what we end up with!

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Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Pollinate Media Group and Child to Cherish. All opinions and experiences are entirely my own.

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  1. Adorable. We do have #1 sons handprint from when he was about 2 1/2. My parents pored a sidewalk and put his hand in it. They have replaced the walk since, but preserved the print! The 6 others want to know why their hands are not there. Because at the time he was their only GreatGrandchild. Pretty cute.

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