Potty Training in the Loo {Joovy Review}

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Potty Training. I can’t believe I’m even uttering those words. My potty training track record isn’t a good one. There was a time with Big Brother that I called potty training the bane of my parenting existence. And, we’re now approaching that time with Little Brother.

With the birth of Baby Brother just a few short weeks ago, we are by no means actively potty training right now. But, we’re introducing it. And, hopefully, with this new piece of potty training equipment (with such a clever “Queen’s English” name), potty training will be a little easier this time around.

The Loo Potty Chair is one of the newest products from Joovy (Joovy is an American company that prides itself on designing and manufacturing family gear products that are extremely useful, practical, good-looking and FUN)! And, it’s a great product for introducing potty training.

There are a few features about it that I love. First off, it’s sleek with an ultra-smooth finish. This is fabulous as it makes for MUCH easier clean up (which is a must when potty training). Plus, the bowl is also easily removable (complete with a no-touch grab handle & high splash guard) to help keep things clean!

For the kiddos, the bowl is a great size with a low profile (making it easy for them to sit on) and there is a non-slip base. In addition to all of that, I love the way it looks (well, as much as one can love the appearance of a potty seat!).

It fits right in with the look of our downstairs bathroom. Nothing loud & obtrusive and no cutesy characters. It’s white & gray, just like everything else in the bathroom. So, I’m comfortable with it sitting out all the time in hopes that it will invite Little Brother to come sit on it! Unfortunately though, Little Brother seems to have  no interest in it yet. In fact, this is the only time he’s been on it and notice Daddy holding him there.

Ugh! Clearly, we’ve got a looong way to go. So I’m especially glad that I like this little Loo potty as it will probably be a presence for some time to come! Now we need to get to the point where he is putting it to good use! 😉

Have any good potty training tips to share?!

You can learn more about Joovy and buy the Loo Potty Chair (which retails for $39.99)via their online store here. And, stay tuned for another awesome product from Joovy that we’re trying out with Baby Brother just as soon as he’s big enough!

Disclosure: I received the above product for the purposes of review. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

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8 Responses

  1. That is one nice looking loo. I love the potties that are not all glitz and glamour like this. I used one that was exactly like the one I was pottied trained on, which actually looked just like a normal toilet. I have no luck with potty training as both my girls were the “death of me” during potty training.

  2. I love the look of it! For potty training with my son, I put him on there every 30 minutes no matter what, just to get him in the routine!

  3. It helped my son see us using the big people loo (ugh! embarrassing..but oh well) and he only wanted to be on the same potty as mommy and daddy. so we got a toilet seat adaptor. Ofcourse that means we have to pick him up and put him on there. We have a stool to rest his feet.

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