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Remember our jumping bean, Sadie? (which I will be updating you on that whole situation soon) Well, she got to try out some new dog food tonight! See, her ears perk right up when she hears “dog food”?! 😉 
Kibbles ‘n Bits Bistro–found at a good, low price at Walmart. Check yours because many people are reporting $2 coupons attached to the bags! That’s a sweet deal for a 16lb. bag of dog food! 
It comes in two yummy meal flavors–chicken or beef! We decided to get one of each…only they aren’t both for Sadie! 
Just over two years ago, we rescued Sadie from a local shelter-so in perfect conjunction with Random Acts of Kindness week (this week), we bought an extra bag and will be donating it to the shelter where we got her from! 
A great feature about this food is the easy,zipper bag! Pretty handy! We hadn’t seen that on any other bags yet. Does your favorite dog food brand have this? I loved how easy it was to open the food! And, Sadie did too! 
If you look closely, you can see her little tongue sticking out–licking her chops already! 🙂
She couldn’t wait for dinner tonight! 
You can view our whole shopping experience here.
When it comes to pet food, are you brand loyal or is price a main factor?

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  1. Those EARS are adorable!!!
    Sorry. I read the rest of the post, but can't stop thinking about those cute little doggy ears 🙂

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