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Hiya Mom Endeavors readers! 
I am so excited to be visiting your corner of the internet today and feel so honored that Sara invited me to do so!!!
My name is Gina and I blog over at Hiya Luv and I also have a shop on etsy called Hiya Luv Handmade. I sew pretty accessories for all ages.
If you are on twitter, I enjoy chatting {@hiyaluv} and I host a twitter chat on Monday nights at 8pm eastern called #SetUpShop where we discuss the in’s and out’s to setting up a handmade shop! 
The more the merrier so stop on by if you get the chance!
So recently we converted our spare room into a crafty space for me. My sewing and craft supplies had begun to take over every nook and cranny in our house and so it was time to find a little space I could call my “crafty home.” 
Now that the paint and carpet are done and I am slowly adding furniture, I need to add inspirational decor to the walls as well. My walls are a light gray and I have some yellow in my furniture. 
I also love the color pink and want to have that represented throughout the room also but I don’t want it to over power the room. I thought it would be fun to create some hoop art for the walls.
Oh yes, I have fallen to the embroidery hoop bug that is going around!
I made this lovely felt flower piece not too long ago and wanted something that reflected my shop. 
So I made this:
{i heart sewing is by paint me a pic}
{silly owl hoop art, by me}
Supplies I used:
8inch hoop
googley eyes
hot glue gun
The first thing I did was pick out the fabric I wanted for the background. 
I love the gray birdie fabric and thought it would go great with the pink.
I then chose my felt colors.
I traced an owl. Originally I only had one owl but then decided to make a second owl to be like my blog and shop header. 
I added a heart and my Blog name across the top.
I hot glued the felt onto the fabric but did so carefully because I knew I was going to outline some parts with embroidery.
I also added a bow to each owl. 
One has a bow tie and the other has a bow in her hair. 
I like bows.
To give the hoop art a more finished look, I tucked in the extra fabric on the back and hot glued it to the sides.
I cut out a large circle of felt and hot glued it down on top of the embroidery stitches.
I wanted to keep the stitches secure and also hide short parts of the fabric that wouldn’t stay down.
Hang up and Enjoy!
Other uses for this type of art-
baby nurseries
children’s room
children’s playroom
your crafty space
Can you think of anywhere else? 
Thanks for visiting with me today and I hope to see you around!
🙂 Gina

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