Happy Easter & some info…

To all those who celebrate, I hope you are having a wonderful Easter Sunday!!
(Big Brother at 2, Easter 2009)
 Today, we are enjoying being together with family at our house–a nice, low key celebration. It’s a far cry from last year, when the whole family enjoyed Easter at our house while we spent the day in the hospital. It was what I imagine will be the most special and memorable (albeit different) Easter Sundays of our lives, as we welcomed Little Brother into the world!
 Tomorrow, we will be spending the day at the hospital again, but not for a fun reason like bringing home a “little Easter bunny”. “Mr. Mom Endeavors” is having surgery–a parathyroidectomy to be exact. And, the surgeon will be taking a look at his thyroid too. Needless to say, he’s been having some endocrine system issues that are being taken care of (hopefully) tomorrow via some delicate neck surgery. We’re hopeful that all goes well and hospital time will be minimal. But, there’s a lot we won’t know for sure until the surgeon gets in there. So, we’d love an extra prayer!
Because of the surgery, I’ll be taking the week off.  But, I’ve lined up a whole bunch of wonderful guest posters to keep things going while I’m gone! It’s a great group of ladies, many of whom I had the pleasure meeting at Creative Estates. They will be sharing some fabulous ideas, recipes, and tutorials with you–even a couple of new giveaways too. So, enjoy their posts and don’t forget to enter the giveaways already underway! (the Cheerios Create Your Own Books Prize Pack and the Quirkles X.E. Ecology Book).
Have a blessed Easter & I’ll “see you” in May!

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