Get a Flu Shot at Walgreens, Give a Life-Saving Shot to a Child in Need #GiveAShot

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Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 2.44.06 PMFlu ShotIt’s October and the (slightly) cooler temperatures have finally arrived in Phoenix. We’re loving it! Fall is my favorite time of year. The only downside is that with the fall season comes another season that I don’t love so much – flu season! People call a lot of things “the flu”(like stomach bugs and sometimes even colds) that aren’t actually the flu at all. True influenza is a virus that attacks the respiratory system and it can be really serious (people die from it every year even here in the United States). One year in college (that I happened to not remember to get my flu-shot), I was so sick with confirmed influenza. A fever of 104 and I missed classes for an entire week! It was awful!!! So, I make it a point to get vaccinated every year.

Keeping up on adult vaccines was especially important while I was a teacher.  There was an outbreak of pertussis (whooping cough) during my second year of teaching (for which I needed a booster). Yikes! I made it a point to get my flu shot each year too. Even though I’m not in the classroom anymore, keeping up on vaccines is still important. After all, if mom is sick, that causes issues for the whole house!

After the past month with two hospital visits for Baby Brother, I’m really hoping to avoid any other major medical issues in the near future. So, we are making absolute sure that we are all up-to-date on our vaccines and getting our flu shots! I’m sure Baby Brother’s little immune system is weakened after all of this. So, we want to do everything possible to keep him well and avoid any more hospital time! That includes making sure that Mom & Dad stay well! Walgreens ImmunizationsI love how easy Walgreens makes it to get adult immunizations! They actually offer quite a variety of routine vaccines (like the flu, whooping cough, tetanus, etc.) and travel vaccines for things seen abroad like Yellow Fever, Typhoid, etc. It’s great to just be able to walk right in to a store that you might be shopping at anyway and get what you need. Sometimes (especially this time of year) it can be hard to get a doctor’s appointment when you want. So, the fact that Walgreen’s offers such a variety of adult vaccines is really convenient!

Walgreens Get a Shot, Give a Shot campaignAnd, one thing I especially like about getting your adult vaccines at Walgreens right now is that they’ve partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot at Life campaign. Until October 14, 2013 for every person who receives a flu shot (or any immunization at Walgreens), they’ll supply a life saving vaccine to a child in a developing country. The idea is ‘Get A Shot. Give A Shot’. Together, this partnership will provide up to three million vaccines for life threatening diseases like measles and polio! Shot at Life CampaignSo hurry in to Walgreens this week to get your flu shot (or any other vaccine you might need) and you’ll be giving a potentially life-saving immunization to a child that otherwise might not have access to that! A win-win!!

For more information about the campaign or the vaccines that Walgreens offers, you can view my Google+ album and follow Walgreens  here:


Have you gotten a shot at Walgreens?

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