Babyhome Onfour Bouncer Review

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While I love enjoying baby snuggles when they are still so little and sweet, it’s just not possible to hold them all the time. So, much of the baby gear in our house right now revolves around safe places for Baby Brother to “hang out” when we’re not holding him–you know, things like swings, playmats and bouncer seats! And, we recently got to try out a relatively new to the US bouncer seat– the Babyhome Onfour. Right off the bat, you can see that it has a very sleek, modern, and non-baby look to it! There’s a whole variety of colors sold on Right Start, but we chose a neutral brown.

The Babyhome Onfour Bouncer is not your typical bouncer: With a simple cushion system, it ensures complete comfort for baby. The upper fabric of the Babyhome Onfour Bouncer can be removed, leaving breathable mesh so baby stays comfortable when it’s warm. The main structure of Babyhome Onfour Bouncer is made of aluminum, making it very light and resilient.

In addition to those features, you can see that the bouncer has two wheels up front, which is a design unlike any other bouncer seat I’ve seen. This feature makes it really easy to move baby around the house with baby remaining safely in the seat. But, to me, what makes this the most appealing is the fact that it collapses into a compact size (and fits in a tote bag that it comes with), making it absolutely perfect for travel! So, if you travel frequently or even if you just frequently head over to friends’ or family’s houses that don’t have a lot of baby gear, the Babyhome Onfour is worth checking out! We just used it for that very reason last Saturday and it was awesome!

Although our friends have kids, they’re out of the baby stage and don’t have baby gear around the house anymore. Bringing the Babyhome Onfour was super convenient. We just tossed the tote bag (with the collapsed seat inside) into the car and set it all up once we wanted it at their house. It worked out perfectly. Though Baby Brother got plenty of snuggles, he was also happy to just kick back and watch some football in the Babyhome Onfour! Perfect for cheering on his favorite Huskers! 😉 Clearly he must have been comfy enough because the little guy felt right to sleep in the seat! That’s when the wheels came in handy because we just moved him out of the way and into a better spot for napping! Super convenient! I should also mention that there are various levels so you can adjust the angle on the seat. He was in one of the more reclined positions in these pictures. The seat isn’t really as “bouncy” as more traditional bouncers, and I was worried about it missing the vibrating option that a lot of bouncy seats have. But, so far, it hasn’t been an issue! Baby Brother seems to enjoy it and we love the portability of it! So, if you’re looking for a stylish baby bouncer seat or one that is great for traveling, the Babyhome Onfour is worth considering.

What convenient baby gear items are your favorite?

Disclosure: I received the above product for the purposes of review through my position as a Right Start Mom. As always, all opinions, experiences, and cute baby photos are entirely my own!

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