Make Your Own Edible Arrangement–Perfect for Spring!

One of my favorite things about springtime is all the beautiful flowers & flower bouquets! But, I’m also a sucker for fun foods or “edible crafts”. So, what’s a better combination of those two things than a spring edible arrangement?!
My mom and I made this one for Easter last year! I LOVED how it turned out! While it does take some time to make, the finished product is great and SO much less expensive than the “professionally made” varieties. And, I love how you could customize these types of arrangements for SO many different holidays & events! Really, an edible fruit arrangement could work for just about any occasion, but I think they are especially awesome during the spring & summer for things like Easter, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, and Baby or Wedding Showers. They would also make great gifts to give to someone who has just had a baby or is recuperating after an illness/treatment!
- First up, you’ll need a variety of fruit. Basically, anything that you can stick on a skewer and doesn’t brown quickly in the air should work well. For this one, we used pineapple, cantaloupe, mango, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and just a wee bit of watermelon & raspberries (from some leftovers we had).
- Start by cutting the fruit into some shapes. We used cookie cutters, a crinkle cutter, a melon baller and  for most of them. And, since it was for Easter, we used egg-shaped cutters, as well as ducks, butterflies, and flowers.
- Just like real flower arrangements, we opted for odd numbers of the specialty cut-outs. So, we started with about 5 of each. Once we had most of the fruit prepped, then we started working on the actual arrangement. Just like flower arranging, you could use SO many different things for the base–baskets, vases, pots, mugs, cans, etc. We used a little metal basket which seemed rather perfect for Easter! :)
- Then, you’ll need to put some floral foam inside your container. I definitely recommend using the foam that feels more like styrofoam (or a pool noodle if you’re familiar with those) vs. that grainy floral foam.
- Once you have the container & foam set, cover the foam with lettuce leaves. Tuck in around the edges & use toothpicks where necessary over the top. -Next up, get your skewers ready. We were lucky in that my smart, crafty mom saved all the materials from a “real” Edible Arrangement my parents had received after my dad was in bad car accident. So, we had plastic skewers with dividers that help prevent the fruit from sliding down. I’ve looked for these online, but have had no luck. My guess is they are patented (and not for sale) from the company. So, if you don’t have anything like this, I’m sure bamboo skewers will do.
- Then, start adding fruit to your skewers and arranging. I started with evenly spacing the strawberries around the bottom and then continued filling in from there.
- Continue until just about every little bit of space has been used up, then voila….a beautiful (and delicious) edible bouquet!!!
It was SO good and looked so pretty on the table in front of the Easter lilies (even if it was a bit lopsided thanks to a small someone who managed to sneak a stick before I took the picture)! :)
Perhaps this will have to become an Easter food tradition like our coconut bunny cake!
Do YOU have any fun Easter/spring food traditions?

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  1. Carol Dee says:

    Stale Peeps !!! Not me, I do not like peeps at all, but I have to buy them early and poke holes in the package so they are nice and stale for #1 son by Easter! LOL.
    You fruit arrangement looks yummy. I need to eat more fruit and less candy around the holidays, great idea. :)

    • Sara @MomEndeavors says:

      Stale peeps?! Too funny! My husband LOVES peeps too, but they’re not my favorite either! I’d much prefer the fruit bouquet! :)

  2. Beautiful!!!! You did an amazing job on this, looks JUST as good as edible arrangements!

  3. Very cute! I have done this but not to this magnitude, very well done!

  4. Alright, this is a REALLY fantastic idea!!! Absolutely amazing!!! :):) Imagine this at a holiday or office party…birthdays…etc.

  5. That is seriously adorable! I love that you used fun cookie cutter shapes:) I bet it was so much cheaper making this yourself too! We love making the coconut bunny cake for Easter too!

  6. That looks so great! I’d love to try making one … thanks for the great tutorial.

  7. Katherine says:

    You can use the bamboo skewers instead, but the fruit drops down the skewer as it sits… to prevent this just stick some gum drops under the fruit :)

  8. I knew when I saw this tutorial that I had to try my own edible arrangement, so I waited until Mother’s Day, and it came out great! I changed it around a little, but credited your help! You can see how mine came out on my blog:

  9. Where can I buy the fruit skewers from? Plastic not wood!


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