When kids say the darndest things! #LifeHappens

I’ve been dying to share this story for a while as rather hilarious, a bit embarrassing, and a total “kids say the darndest things” moment!  It happened the day Baby Brother was born when the big boys came to meet their brother and is evidence that perhaps there’s been a little too much Star Wars exposure here in the Mom Endeavors household…

After the boys had met Baby Brother, it was past their bedtime and they needed to get home with Grammy. So, Daddy walked them out. They headed down the elevator, the doors opened, and there was a lady waiting to get in to head up. Little Brother (who was holding Daddy’s hand) stopped dead in his tracks with eyes wide open. Totally staring. Mr. Mom Endeavors is having to yank him out of the elevator, yet Little Brother continues to stare, trying to turn his body toward the woman now walking into the elevator. This is what caught his attention:

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A black walking boot that came up to her knee. He just kept staring and trying to look at it. So, Mr. Mom Endeavors started trying to explain things (“it’s ok Bud, she just has an owie on her foot”) and coax him to come along.  And, that’s when he said it. Still wide-eyed, and now pointing at the woman’s walking boot, he said in a quietly amazed tone, “Darth Vader foot!”

So funny! Thank goodness she was a good sport about the whole thing. And, now, what perhaps is even funnier is that he is completely convinced that black walking boots are indeed Darth Vader shoes. We found one at my grandma’s house and he said, “hey guys, Darth Vader shoe!”

This was yet another (rather funny) reminder that you just never know what’s going to happen in life with kids! After all, life happens! 🙂  Now you have a chance to share your “life happens” moment, while learning about some important information and having a shot at some sweet prizes (can we say ipad?!)…

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