What are your tips for staying motivated? #ShakleeBlogger

As a Shaklee 180 blogger, I’ve been using Shaklee products the past two months in an effort to help get healthier and lose weight. The month 1 results were pretty good I think! 🙂 But, we got busy in April and honestly, I think I got a little comfortable or arrogant or something…thinking that a little slacking off here or there, or a few not so great decisions wouldn’t matter that much. When things get busy and stressful, I tend to get overwhelmed easily. It’s so easy to fall back in to a “comfortable” & easy routine, which can so easily put you right back where you started. I don’t want that to happen. And, thankfully, I’m still making more conscious & better decisions overall. Plus, I’ve been training for my first runDisney event at Disney Social Media Moms next week. So, I’ve still lost some this past month. But, it just wasn’t as spectacular as month 1. Here’s my “keeping it real” video chatting about it!

So, I want your tips! What keeps you motivated when you’re making hard changes?

Dis­clo­sure: This is a spon­sored post as part of the Shak­lee Cor­po­ra­tion blog­ger pro­gram. I will be receiv­ing free prod­ucts, online sup­port and incen­tives for par­tic­i­pat­ing. My opin­ions are my own. I am also a Shaklee Independent Distributor. Peo­ple fol­low­ing the weight-loss por­tion of the Shak­lee 180™ Pro­gram can expect to lose 1–2 pounds per week. am receiving free products, online support, and incentives for participating.  Shaklee 180


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    I really have no tips, I am so bad and I am curious to see what other people have to say. I do love the keeping it “scary real.” Awesome vlog! 🙂

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