The Force is with her!

Um…so I just stumbled upon one of the coolest birthday parties. EVER. (well, ever if you are a Star Wars loving boy of any age anyway).  See?!

The momma over at A Second Street must be the coolest mom in the galaxy right now and the Force was definitely with her when she put together this ultra-cool Jedi birthday!!  And, sometime down the road, I will be using many of her fantastic ideas!
My husband is a Star Wars fan–not like “crazy dress up & go to conventions fan”, but like “still has items from childhood & can quote the movies” fan.  So, we have some Star Wars items in our house.  Recently, Big Brother (3 and 1/2) noticed some of said items at our house, caught a glimpse of one of the movies, and is now obsessed.  Regularly, we hear, “I want to watch Star Wars”…or even cuter, “want to go to Star Wars”. We haven’t really let him watch the movies yet, but even still the obsession is already there. What is it with boys (even at 3) that draws them to weapons, bad guys, and vehicles?! I know he would love a party like this even now, but I think we’ll wait a few years.  Perhaps I should start practicing my Yoda-speak and tell him, “when 8 years old you reach, have a Star Wars Party you shall”.
So, if you have boys, you might just want to bookmark this one! She even explains how she did everything –your very own Jedi Party Training!
Perhaps you should also rush out to get some Star Wars cookie cutters! With a house full of boys, I know we definitely need a set of these!!!

Source: Williams-Sonoma
Have fun Star Wars partying and as always, “May the Force be with you!” 🙂


  1. Kalleen at Second Street says

    Sara, Thanks for featuring our party. It really was a fun day. I bought the buckets about two weeks ago. I would hope you could still find them. Good Luck

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