Taking Baby Pictures and a FREE Photo Canvas

With a newborn around, it can be so easy to forget to take pictures. Or, to not feel up to doing them. Things were much more difficult than I had anticipated when Big Brother was born (more details on that to come) and we didn’t get any newborn pictures done. I definitely regret not really thinking about it or wanting to at the time.  So, if you are able to afford it, I strongly encourage you to have some type of “professional” newborn shots done within the first 2 weeks or so. That newborn look is so precious and so fleeting.
If you’re not able to, at least remember to take LOTS of pictures at home. We at least did this, but they are still a far cry from professional shots.(If you’re interested in learning how to make your photos look better, I suggest entering to win this photography book!)

Things were so different with Little Brother and there even were professional photographers that came to the hospital (something set up that the hospital does)! So, we have much better newborn shots of him!
Another baby photo tip I strongly recommend (whether professional or just at home) is to remember & agree to be in some of the photos! It’s so easy to forget to ask someone else to take the picture (if you’re the one always behind the camera like so many moms), or to not want to be in them–whether it be exhaustion, pain, swelling, still looking pregnant, not having showered in days, or all of the above–the excuses for not feeling photogenic with a new baby are endless.  
When the photographer came to our hospital room 36 hours after delivery, I never even considered being in a picture. She was there to photograph our new little Easter bunny.  So, when she wanted us in a couple of photos, I didn’t want to…and I told her that. I had showered, but felt like I looked terrible. But, she gently insisted and assured me it would be fine. So, we did and I am so thankful for listening to her! They are two of my favorite photos and hang in our room!
If you have a favorite precious baby photo (or any photo for that matter), having it turned into a photo canvas is a great idea! I LOVE the look of the gallery wrapped photo canvases! And, right now, Canvas People is offering a FREE 8×10 canvas (or $50 off the size of your choice)!! All you pay is the $14.95 shipping charge, but even at that, this is a FANTASTIC deal!! And, this would be a PERFECT gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day!!
Here’s how to redeem:
1. Head over to Canvas People through this link
2. Select & upload the photo you want for your canvas
3. Choose you size (remember 8×10 is free + shipping, or you can get $50 off the size of your choice)
4. Enter your info & pay $14.95 for shipping
5. Patiently wait for your beautiful canvas to arrive! 🙂
What picture would you like to have a canvas of?
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