Simple No-Sew Star Wars Jedi Tunic Costumes

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Simple DIY Jedi CostumesHaving a Star Wars Party? Need an easy Star Wars costume for the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Or maybe you have young Padawans that would just love a simple costume just to play dress-up in? No matter what the Star Wars occasion, these DIY no-sew Jedi tunics are SO easy to make and will help make your younglings feel strong with the Force!Jedi Training Birthday Jedi TunicsWe actually made these simple Jedi tunics the first time for the boys’ Jedi Training Birthday Party. They were a HUGE hit and great party favor for the kids. So I also whipped some up for the outdoor Star Wars: The Force Awakens party we just did! These really couldn’t be easier to make!

DIY Jedi Tunic Materials

All you need is some inexpensive dark brown fabric (like broadcloth) for the boys and a lighter colored broadcloth or gauze for the girls. Inspired by Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I found a light tan gauze fabric on sale that looked VERY similar to Rey’s costume. So, I instantly knew I wanted that for the girls.

The amount of fabric you’ll need obviously depends on how many tunics you’re making and the size of your Padawans. I got away with about 2 yards of the dark brown and 1 yard of the gauze. It was enough for the tunics and the belts for this group. But again, you made need quite a bit more.

Simple Jedi TunicsDirections:

Really, these couldn’t be any easier! You’re basically just going to fold, measure, and cut! That’s it! If you don’t have kids to actually measure, see about getting rough sizes and uses t-shirts for approximation. I tried to cut the tunics just a little wider than the shoulders and then aimed for about 4-6 inches longer than a normal t-shirt length.

Broadcloth is 45″ wide, so even 1 yard folded in half, the length worked fine for up to about 8-9 year olds. Any taller and you need more yardage to work with for length.

Once you have the fabric folded for the length you need, just measure and cut for the width. You’ll then have rectangular blocks of fabric. Fold in half lengthwise and snip a “v” out for a neck hole. SO simple!!

Then, just cut 2-3 inch wide strips of fabric to use as belts that you can tie.

Easy peasy…and everyone will love their Jedi costumes!  The tunics are perfect for a lightsaber battle practice and Jedi training!! Star Wars Force Awakens Party Jedi Costumes

Do YOU have little Padawans who would love a simple Jedi costume?

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Simple No-Sew Star Wars Jedi Tunics*All the outdoor photographs taken by Destiny from!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Sew cute!!! 😉 Where did you find those mini lightsabers from the photoshoot?? I’m looking for something just like that for an upcoming party!

  2. Thank you for this! It saved me valuable time and my “Padawan” loved it. She wore this to May the 4th day today in school.

  3. Love these! I also love your small foam lightsabers – fun but not lethal. How did you make them?

  4. Hi! Thank you for sharing this! Approx how many tunics were you able to make out of the 2 yards of fabric? Thanks!

    1. The size/ages of the kids will definitely affect the number you can make from 2 yds. But in this case, I think I was able to swing about 5-6 tunics from the 2 yds.

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