Similac Baby Journal App

Oh how I wish I had my ipod touch and this Similac Baby Journal app when the boys were born! Instead we had “the chart” given to us by the hospital–you know, the one to track feedings and diaper changes. Time started, time stopped, time of diaper change, what was in the diaper, etc. With Big Brother, when we discovered major breastfeeding issues (perhaps it’s own post one day), this task became all the more important and challenging–what side nursed, how long, but then also how much bottle supplement too, how long that took, etc. Well now, thanks to Similac, “there’s an app for that!” 🙂 Using this app would have been SO much easier and if/when baby #3 comes along this will be FANTASTIC!

You can track feeding–both breast & bottle, which is great! And SO much easier to use in the middle of the night than “the chart” and a pen! 
Not only can you input those entries, but the app tracks trends overtime. So, you can see if/how consumption or length of feedings are changing over time. If you’re having issues with feeding, you can even make a call (on your iphone) at the push of a button or read advice and tips. A great feature!
In addition to the great feeding tracking options, you can keep track of diaper changes–including type, color, and consistency!
And, you keep tack of sleeping too!
The app also lets you store growth data and for each journal entry (whether it’s feeding, diapers, sleep, etc.), you can store any special notes about it! With all the special features & tracking capabilities…and the fact that you can even add baby’s picture, it seems like they really thought of almost everything. The only thing I think that could be added would be a place to list medications/treatments for those whose baby’s require that. Even without that though, this app is fantastic! It would be SO handy when talking with the pediatrician!! 

So, to all my pregnant friends and those mommies with new little ones and “idevices”, this might be really handy to have! The Similac Baby Journal app has lots of great features and is very easy/intuitive to use! And, it’s FREE!!!! How great is that?!  If you’d like to learn more and watch a video about it, head over to Similac’s website or download for FREE in the itunes app store!

What do YOU think about this app?

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time by Collective Bias, but all opinions and experiences are my ownFor more information, read my disclosure policy.
UPDATED** Disclaimer: This app should not be relied on for breastfeeding support, but merely a tool to help you record data about your baby. If you need breastfeeding help, please see a certified lactation consultant or consult with your doctor.

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