Shaklee 180 Month 1 Results #ShakleeBlogger

Wow! Where did the month of April go? At the beginning of the month, I shared with you a detailed look at the Shaklee 180 Turnaround kit products that I’ve been using as part of the Shaklee blogger program! I said I’d be back soon with results and here we are at almost the end of the month! So, it is definitely past time for an update!!

To recap, I started the program on March 1st. For the plan, I’m supposed to be having Shaklee smoothees and/or a meal bar in place of two meals each day. Then, I should be eat­ing healthy snacks  and hav­ing a healthy din­ner. Have I stuck to the plan every single day? Nope! There have been holidays, birthdays, family in town visiting, conferences, and well, life in general! Have my non-Shaklee choices always been the healthiest? Again, nope! There’s been fast food, hamburgers, pizza, and a few desserts. But, I’ve still had some great progress so far! I truly wasn’t sure how much of a difference I’d see in just one month–especially since I had started making some healthier changes in January and had already lost about 10 pounds when I started the Shaklee program. But, I can definitely see a big difference (which others are starting to mention), the most exciting of which is the re-discovery of my waist!!! 🙂
So, here are some photos to show the changes is just one month (*posting these are a HUGE step outside of my comfort zone as I NEVER wear tanks in public)! Front view: Shaklee180Month1b&aSee?! There’s a waist there starting to peek through again! Yay!! Also, I’ve decided that perhaps I need to see a chiropractor or something. Look at how much my left side hangs lower than my right!! Totally weird!
Back: Shaklee180Month1BackSide: Shaklee180Month1SideYou may be surprised to know that the difference between those two pictures is only 6.2 pounds! It’s certainly more than a pound a week, though nothing earth-shattering. BUT,  I am totally thrilled with the inches lost in just one month!!! Any guesses on how much it is?? I was SUPER excited to discover that it’s 15.25 inches lost off my whole person in just one month!! Wow!!

Given how the month of April has gone, I know the results won’t be as good for month 2. But overall, I’m really happy with how things have gone so far!

So, what ques­tions do you have? I’d love to answer them from my expe­ri­ence so far. If you’re inter­ested in join­ing me on the jour­ney or try­ing out any of Shaklee’s prod­ucts for your­self, you can do so through my Shak­lee site. (*I do receive credit if you pur­chase any­thing from my site).

Dis­clo­sure: This is a spon­sored post as part of the Shak­lee Cor­po­ra­tion blog­ger pro­gram. I will be receiv­ing free prod­ucts, online sup­port and incen­tives for par­tic­i­pat­ing. My opin­ions are my own. Peo­ple fol­low­ing the weight-loss por­tion of the Shak­lee 180™ Pro­gram can expect to lose 1–2 pounds per week.


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    Hey Sara, This is a great testimonial. We are also just starting our Shaklee 180. Would you mind us sharing a link to your blog and using your pictures on our time line? Keep up the great work. We have both lost 1.5 inches in our waist in 4 days. we are very excited but are paying for our products at the moment. We are working towards our 3 for free kit. Join our page on and hopefully we can keep each other encouraged. Carl & Steph

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