September Shower Announcement {Baby Week}

As I’m sure you can imagine (and have noticed by the increase of pregnancy & baby related posts on the blog these past few months), we’re sort of immersed in all things baby at the Mom Endeavors’ house! I’ve been trying hard to not overwhelm the blog with it, because I know all you lovely readers aren’t in the same life phase with that. (Though if you follow on instagram, I’ve been bombarding you there with lots of baby goodness like this…) But, I have some fun Baby Brother pictures & updates, plus lots of great products & giveaways to share! So, instead of trying to stretch things out any longer, we’re having a little “September Shower” event. In other words,  I’ve declared this “Baby Week” on the blog!  Whether you’re currently expect­ing, have lit­tle ones, or just thinking of friends/family wel­com­ing new babies, I hope you’ll join us! There will be some great give­aways!! To keep everything in one spot, I’ll be updating this post with all the baby related fun!

Baby Week Fea­tures (with more to come…)


*And, if you’re not into any of the baby stuff, don’t worry! We’ll return to more normal crafty, recipe, activity post goodness next week! In fact, I’ll have a fun Halloween post for you to kick off October! 🙂


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