Saving with Bakery Outlets

My little couponing addiction recently led me to yet another great way to save on groceries.  The local saver magazines that come with our “junk mail” recently had a “Buy one, Get one free” coupon for a nearby Oroweat & Entenmman’s bakery outlet store. I’d been there once or twice before a long time ago (before my mommy days), but had just sort of forgotten about it.  So, the coupon was a good reminder to get me back in the store.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, bakery outlet?! Gross–it’s probably all expired food or bread they didn’t bake right or something! I totally get why that might have crossed your mind.  But, I promise you, it’s not.  

There is a whole section in the store with fresh products and no different from your regular grocery store–except, their prices on these items are still lower than regular grocery store prices.  But, the even bigger savings is in the items that are close to their sell by date.  All the bread products freeze well, so you can maximize savings by stocking up. There are a whole slew of brands that are probably common in many households:

Given all those brands, there is quite a variety of products as well.  Here’s what my trip looked like:

If you can’t make it out well, that’s 1 package of cinnamon-raisin engligh muffins, 1 loaf double fiber whole wheat bread, 2 loaves of light whole wheat, 2 packs of whole wheat bagel things, 2 packs of whole wheat pitas, 1 pack of sandwich thins, 1 bag of flaxseed meal, and 1 72-count package of white corn tortillas.  

Guesses on price??
At Safeway on the day of my outlet trip, the Oroweat light was $4.89/loaf, the double fiber loaf was $5.49, sandwich thins $4.29, bagel things $2.50 each, tortillas $4.19, pitas $2.99 each, flaxseed meal $4.99, and the english muffins were $4.39.  Now, I certainly wouldn’t have purchased that same transaction at these prices.  That being said however, before my couponing days, at times, I did pay those prices on some of those items. And, if someone did purchase that same transaction at the regular store, it would have been $44.11!  Instead, I spent $14.32!!!  Sweet!!
By shopping there and freezing the items, we are able to spend significantly less on bread products.  In fact, that trip was one month ago today and the only thing we are running low on is the bread. So, we have not purchased any more bread products the entire month!
In addition to the sweet prices, they have other deals too, like a punch card (a couple days each week they even give you double punches), daily deal specials with at least one $.99 item, and for every $7 spent, you get to choose a free item! 
Definitely another great way to save money!
For more information on the outlets and to see if there is one near you, visit

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