ProNutrients Probiotics: Hoping to Keep the Family Healthy #NutritionPossible

Recently, a super nasty stomach bug swept through our house! And it was a bug of the worst kind! Ewwww! I can handle lots of “yucky” stuff. Bugs, worms, poop (we just had to deal with LOTS of that with potty training), snot, blood & guts (I did A LOT of dissecting with my biology background), but this mama does NOT handle vomit well! I try to avoid it at all costs. In fact, before I was pregnant with Big Brother (I was 26), I hadn’t thrown up since 8th grade! Yes, really! I.HATE.IT! So, I especially dislike it when any stomach/GI bugs strike! And, I really disliked it this time, because I was SUPER sick—-sicker than anyone else and sicker than I had been in a long time!! That was NOT a pleasant weekend!

With Big Brother now in preschool two days a week, the germ exposure is HIGH! And, I’m really hoping to do whatever possible to help keep us healthy, and especially avoid anymore of those nasty GI bugs! So, we’re ramping up our vitamin consumption. And, we’re adding probiotics! We’ve taken probiotics before, but usually just for a short period of time when someone has been sick or while on antibiotics. This time though, I’d like to make them more of a routine!

So, we’re doing just that with  ProNutrients by Centrum! They have a whole line of supplements that are designed to take with your daily multivitamin. I’m curious about the Fruit & Veggie one. But, for right now, we’re just giving the probiotics a try!

You can get a $3 off coupon on the ProNutrients site or the Centrum ProNutrient facebook page. So, with coupon in hand, we headed out on a trip to Walmart to pick some up. (You can see the full shopping trip here on thisMoment). With it being a new product, I thought I might have some trouble finding it, but not so! There was a whole display right on an end cap in the pharmacy with a eye-catching video screen.

I love that the ProNutrient Probiotics come in packet form. Super easy for sprinkling on food and great for those that don’t like taking a pill!  So, we’ll see how it goes!

Do YOU take probiotics? What’s your experience been?

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.


  1. says

    I absolutely despise vomit as well! I mean, worst thing EVER! Glad you are feeling better and that you are taking steps to prevent further bouts of the nastiness! I do currently take a probiotic and it has done WONDERS for my digestive health. I haven’t encountered any immune boost benefits but we really haven’t been exposed to anything so that would be hard to tell at this point! Good luck with this!

  2. Ann S. says

    We take them and we still get diarrhea all the time. Jamie takes the really expensive ones when she is sick and she is still sick forever. I have no idea if they work but so far I am doubting. But they are the new thing so they must do something good! Let me know how it goes.

  3. Amanda @beeacutie2 says

    Oh dear I am so sorry that your family was sick! This seems like the perfect time to take the probiotics! I hope they work wonders for you!

  4. says

    I just bought this product as well. I don’t have any digestive issues, so I’m not sure I have a real need for it, but I’m hoping it has some positive influence anyway. I’ll be anxious to see if you think it helps you!

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