Our New Christmas Decor #SearsRealCheer

A couple weeks ago I shared our fun shopping trip to Sears for some new Christmas decorations. (If you want to see all the great stuff we found, you can check out the whole shop­ping trip here on the Mom Endeav­ors’ Google+ page). And, I promised pictures when everything was set up, so here we go!

When you enter the house, you’ll be greeted by the wreath, hanging by our new wreath hanger! It looks SO much nicer than the one we had before!









Then, if you look up when you walk in, you’ll notice our new bells! I’ve wanted a set of these for so long and I think they look great here! It’s hard to get a size perspective from the picture, but they are really quite large and work really nice in the entry way. We have a fairly high vaulted ceiling, so it’s nice to have the bells adding some Christmas cheer there! Directly across from there, is our china hutch, which this year looks quite festive. YAY! The lit garland is perfect there! It ties together the whole room, as our Christmas tree is in the opposite corner. And, I LOVE the small red bells there. Not only do they go with the large gold bells in the entry way, but the red works great there with our various red wedding flowers there.

Also in the living room, is our new piano (we just inherited it from a family member a few weeks ago)! The back is PERFECT for decorating. There are a lot of other, more fragile things I would love to put there. But, with the two boys, I decided to go with relatively kid-proof items for now. We have our Little People Nativity, some of the flameless candles from the set I bought at Sears, and our new favorite (that has seen lots of playtime already)–Peanuts gang Christ­mas Story fig­urines! Super cute!In our family room, we have a second tree that we got last year. Our main tree is full our eclectic, yearly ornaments–there is no theme–it’s multicolored & full of memories. But, for our new tree, I wanted to keep it more color-coordinated & simple. My husband’s grandma gets us a new, beautiful gold ornament each year. So, we decided to put all of those ornaments on this tree. But, we needed some new decorations to tie it all together. Here’s what it looks like now:We’re so pleased with all the new stuff we got at Sears! It’s only our second Christmas in this house, so the new decorations really help tie everything together. We got a few scented candles too, making the house smell wonderful as well!

Visit the Sear’s Real Cheer Site, where you can get inspiration, shop, and share your own Christmas decor & cheer!

What are YOUR favorite Christmas decorations?

Dis­clo­sure: This shop has been com­pen­sated as part of a social shop­per insights study for Col­lec­tive Bias. #CBias. #Searsre­alcheer. All opin­ions and expe­ri­ences are entirely my own.


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