Momma’s Going to SNAP!

I am SO excited to be headed to the SNAP Conference tomorrow!!

For those not familiar, SNAP is a creative blogging conference that will be brimming with all kinds of crafty, DIY, handmade, party planning, photography, and other creative topics! After some of the concerns in this pregnancy, I was thrilled to get the “ok” to travel. But, because of all that, I was late to the game in buying a ticket and just when they were about all gone, I got lucky and was able to help out a fellow blogger & amazing lady. Ashley, of Lil’ Blue Boo, has been fighting choriocarcinoma and a group of great handmade biz owners/creative bloggers banded together to host a big auction for her family!  The great gals at SNAP donated a conference ticket to the cause and I was the lucky bidder that won the auction! Help Ashley and go to SNAP?! That was a huge win-win!! 🙂

The conference will be almost 3 full days of awesomeness and the schedule looks fabulous! And, check out all of these sponsors…

The conference is in Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City, at a place called Thanksgiving Point. I’m thrilled to actually experience a little of Utah (my trip to Four Corners probably doesn’t count much) and I am BEYOND excited that the Tulip Festival will be going on while we’re there! Tulips are a favorite of mine and I can’t wait to walk around the gardens (& of course, take LOTS of pictures)!! Doesn’t it look gorgeous?!

Beyond all that, I’m just super excited to spend time with some of my favorite bloggy friends! I’m flying out with Sara {Clever Pink Pirate} and Katie {Sweet Rose Studio} early in the morning and can’t wait! We’re looking forward to hanging out with tons of people–many of whom I met last year at Creative Estates. I’m ecstatic! 🙂 With having baby #3 this summer, I’m thinking this will be my “last hurrah” for a good while, so I’m planning on soaking up every bit of fun this weekend!

Don’t know how much live blogging I’ll be doing while there, but you can bet that I’ll be putting some things on facebook and twitter. If you want to follow along with the conference goodness & info from the sessions from all the attendees, you can follow the hashtag #snapconf on twitter! Can’t wait to share all about it when I get back. In the meantime, I have a few fun things scheduled for the rest of this week.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get packed, get my hair cut, get the house in order and hope to get at least a little sleep before my early morning pick-up! Whew! 😉


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    Wishing you a wonderful time at SNAP! Sounds like so many of my favorite people are going…I’m starting to feel regretful that I won’t be there.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!


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