Mom Endeavors Gets a Makeover!

Hi all! I’m so excited to share with you the “all-new” Mom Endeavors site! The big, BIG improvement (and major impetus for the site makeover) is much better navigation! It should be SO much easier for you to find anything that you’re interested in! Take a look at the before & after…Mom Endeavors Site Makeover

You can see that we took some of the original elements and expanded on them. Truth be told, it’s a bit hard to say goodbye to my cute photo header. I worked closely with my uncle to design that and I LOVED it. It was up for 2.5 years. But, the site really needed better navigation and with that needed to come some changes to the overall look! Out with the old and in with the new!

I’m so excited that not only is there a great navigation bar now, but there are also category galleries. So, that means when you click on recipes for example, you’ll get a whole visual catalog of them! Over time, I’m hoping to break it down even further into more detailed topics (like appetizers vs. main dish vs. DIY home project vs. kids crafts, etc). But even as is, it’s a HUGE change from the old site. Blog Recipe GalleryBig improvement, right?! There’s also a new little welcome message, easy-to-find social media buttons, a much-improved footer space, and a slider of photos to showcase popular posts! All the fun changes are thanks to the fabulous Cynthia at NW Designs.  I heard her speak at one of the Bloggy Boot Camp conferences I attended and was impressed. She not only put up with my detailed requests and embarrassing lack of the technical “behind-the-scenes” stuff, but she worked so quickly!! I’ve heard horror stories from other website owners about waiting for months on end, losing deposits, getting locked out of their sites, etc. But, working with Cynthia was SO easy! If you are a website owner and need a new look, I HIGHLY recommend NW Designs! I’m so pleased with all the updates & added functionality!

So, welcome! Have have a look around and make yourself at home! We may still be tweaking a few things here and there, so please let me know if you discover something that isn’t working!

What do you think?


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