Meet the Mom Endeavors Contributors!

Mom EndeavorsYou may have noticed a few posts here on Mom Endeavors the past couple months from some lovely ladies! And, now, I am finally so excited to officially introduce you all to them! Meet the Mom Endeavors contributors…


Heather ContributorSITE: Brie Brie Blooms

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Heather for a couple of years now. We met through one of many blogging events here in Arizona. She’s a great lady, full of creative ideas and she shares my love of all things Disney! 😉 She lives in the Phoenix area with her husband, daughter, and pet Siberian Husky Sophie.  If she’s not in the classroom, you can usually find Heather playing outside or creating something sparkly with her daughter. So, you’ll probably find her sharing a lot of great kids’ crafts here! In fact, here’s a look at some of the great content she’s shared already:

You can also find Heather here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Kari - ContributorSITE: Sunshine in My Pocket

I had the pleasure of meeting Kari this past spring at #BBCPhoenix and was struck by her sweet personality. She loves to write about all things happy and deliver a little sunshine every week, through crafting, cooking, baking, and gifting. I love that! She has already shared some great recipes on Mom Endeavors like Garden Bruschetta and Bruleed Orange French Toast.

You can also Kari here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Andrea contributor
Andrea is another lovely blogger here in Arizona that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for the past couple of years. She writes about her adventures in motherhood, with a passion for people and all things creative! She loves using her creative mind to make her world a little brighter. So, you never know what wonderful things she might be sharing here! Her first contributor post was creative uses for paper bags (some of which would be perfect for fall)!
You can also Andrea here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Anna Contributor
Unlike the other gals as part of our team, I’ve actually known Anna for a long time – since Jr. High actually!! Wow! (We’ll skip sharing how many years that’s been! 😉 ). She’s now the mom of two little boys and a former early childhood educator. She just recently launched her own site combining her passion for teaching and love of parenting in every day life. So, you’ll find her sharing some great educational ideas for kids here like “10 first day of school books“!
You can also find Anna here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Welcome, ladies! Please go check out their sites and look around a little bit. We’ll be sharing more of their great content soon!


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