Makeover Mayhem with a Blog Announcement!

Oh my! This weekend we’re in the midst of TWO exciting makeovers around here! I told you earlier this week about the master bathroom! So that one should come as no surprise!
Thanks to all of you that gave your input! We’ve picked our color, the tape is up, and we’re ready to paint! Can’t wait to show you everything sometime next week!
Next up….
…the blog! Eek! If all goes well, this will be the last post in Blogger! That’s right, Mom Endeavors is making the switch to WordPress! And, there will be a new look when I get there! Say goodbye to the cute brown-haired gal in the red sweater! She’s a free Blogger template, so she’s not coming with!
So, hopefully there are no major glitches or issues as we migrate everything over, but I wanted to let you know just in case! I’m nervous, yet super excited!
If you’ve got any tips or advice (for either of the makeovers), please share in the comments!!
Wish me luck (and stay tuned for 2 BIG reveals sometime next week)!!


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