Hello WordPress: Blog Redesign Big Reveal!

Today, I finally said goodbye to Blogger and hello to WordPress! I <prematurely> told you last weekend that it would hopefully be the last post in Blogger.  Well, I successfully managed crashing the new site (I don’t recommend playing with style code if you don’t know what you’re doing) and then there were a whole host of SUPER annoying bugs to work out! With the help of some totally AWESOME people (Becca, Kelly, and Friendly Fish Media), the new site is now not only functional, but has a cute new look too!

So, today, we’re saying goodbye to the girl with the brown hair (well, not me of course) and the old yellow site…

…and saying hello to WordPress!….

I’m thrilled with the new look and added functionality. Feel free to take a look around and let me know what you think! Also, please let me know if you encounter any glitches or problems! We think we’ve got most of the kinks worked out, but there’s bound to be something we missed. This whole self-hosted WordPress thing is WAY different from Blogger, so please bear with me the next few weeks as I learn the ropes and get things tweaked! Hopefully this WordPress novice will learn a thing or two at BlogHer this week! If not, at least I have cute, new business cards! 😉

Can’t wait to share all about the exciting things going on with BlogHer’11 this week (like leaving tomorrow night to head to an event at Disneyland)!! But, first, there’s another big reveal to do! Stay Tuned…


  1. says

    congratulations! It looks wonderful! I am migrating to wordpress this weekend, also! Mine is functioning, but still in the works, I’m seeing some 404 messages on old posts…it’s kind of making me hyperventilate!! I really like all the things you can do with wordpress, but boy, it is a scary thing to move it all over!

    • MomEndeavors says

      Yay! My first comment on the new site–and it worked!! 🙂 So fun! Um, the hyperventilating–right there with you. This week has been stressful to say the least! But, I’m hoping it’s good now! Good luck with your migration!!

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