Happy Birthday Little Brother!!

One year ago today, we spent the day in the hospital which ended with the birth of little brother! It was Easter Sunday and the day after Big Brother’s 3rd birthday! Perhaps the zoo trip had something to do with that! 🙂

Our precious second born was here–looking like a BIGGER, chunkier version (he just over 2 pounds heavier) of Big Brother! 

 I’ve been so blessed to be able to spend his first year at home with him. I was hoping it would make the time go by a little more slowly, but no such luck. I blinked and now, today, my 2nd baby is ONE YEAR OLD!

Our adorable little “bubba-do”, with big ‘ole blue eyes, wispy blond hair, a great big smile, who’s now toddling around everywhere.

So, here we have much to celebrate–our two little guys, brothers born 3 years and 1 day apart!

Stay tuned for details about their train birthday bash!


  1. Becky Perry says

    I "stumbled" here and enjoyed your cute post on Thanksgiving turkey's – what great ideas. But really, I had to tell you what adorable little boys you have! I have two "little" boys that aren't so little anymore (10 and 8) – it's a great life! Enjoyed your blog!

    Becky @ Becky Blogs

  2. KS says

    Your boys have the cutest smiles ~so sweet! This post made me smile! I love their matching birthday shirts!

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