Guest Post: Nursery Planning with Honeybear Lane

 Hello to all you Mom Endeavors readers!!!  
My name is Heidi and I’m super excited to be visiting today.  
I blog over at Honeybear Lane and baby bedding is my specialty.  
I create these super plush Puff Quilts
Here are some I’ve done:

I love to sew, craft, and decorate.  I frequently am asked about nursery planning ideas, so here is where I will start:
You pee on a stick.  Two lines.  Hooray!!  You’re pregnant.  Once the enormity of this news has settled, you begin thinking about the second best thing about having a baby…decorating the nursery!
The best place to start with decorating a room is finding a fabric that you LOVE and pulling (or coordinating) colors to create your color palette for the room.  Sometimes you already know the colors and you can begin the hunt for the perfect fabrics.  Or sometimes you find bedding that you love and want to build the decor around that.

Best Places for Custom Bedding:
Etsy:  So many sellers on Etsy make astounding custom bedding sets.  It’s the best way, hands down, to get exactly what you want.  Custom orders tend to be more expensive and take quite a while to fulfill, so you will want to place your order soon after you decide!  Don’t put it off until the last second.  The thing that I love is the personal communication and the fact that you are supporting other moms like yourself.

Carousel Designs:  This is a pretty cool company.  You have a lot of freedom to customize your bedding to get nearly everything you want.  The prices are also pretty comparable to custom sets on Etsy.  The plus side is that they have very quick turnaround and you can preview what your bedding will look like.

Javis Davis:  Another custom company.  You don’t have as much freedom for custom fabric selection, rather you choose fabrics from set groups of coordinating fabrics.  They have a lot of cute designs that may be good inspiration and they also offer additional nursery items–like adorable custom upholstered chairs/gliders.  They are quite a bit more pricey, however.

Other companies I love that aren’t Custom:
Serena & Lily:  I adore Serena & Lily’s beautiful and classic bedding choices.  Pricey though, but their nurseries are adorable.  Perfect for those of you wanting to create a soft and serene environment for your new baby.

Pottery Barn Kids
You really can’t miss with Pottery Barn’s stuff–it’s pretty much all cute.  Expensive, so look for sale or clearance items.
Great place to find more luxurious bedding in varied price ranges.  They carry many brands.

{{And of course for the more standard bedding sets you can visit Babies R Us, ByeByeBaby, Target, Walmart, etc. }}

If you want to go with custom bedding though, you will want to get to know your fabrics.  You could consider asking the maker to create a custom fabric swatch board with your certain colors in mind.  Here are a few I’ve done for my customers:

Yellows, Blues, and Pinks
Oranges, Greens, and Blues
Aquas, Browns, and Pinks

As you can see, it’s no small feat to come up with the perfect nursery…the choices are endless.  But one thing is for sure, you want to love it.  Don’t pay a little less for something you are only ‘meh’ about!  And if decorating a designer nursery is not in your budget, take some time to learn how to sew and create things yourself!  
If you want to attempt to make a puff quilt like mine, I have created a very comprehensive PDF pattern.  

This pattern is very easy to follow, with hundreds of pictures and detailed step-by-step instructions.  Even a beginner will be able to get through it and end up with an awesome quilt!!  
And because I want to encourage you all to go try it, I am offering Mom Endeavors readers 25% off my pattern.  
Go VISIT MY SHOP and use the code ENDEAVOR25.  
And be sure to visit me at Honeybear Lane to tell me about your success!!

{THANK YOU Heidi for sharing your great ideas and discount on your BEAUTIFUL puff quilts tutorial! And, be sure to visit Honeybear Lane for more of Heidi’s great decorating, crafting, sewing ideas!!}

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