Goodbye Google Friend Connect…How to Stay Connected

If you use Google Friend Connect to follow some of your favorite blogs, then you may already know that Google is supposedly doing away with Google Friend Connect (GFC) on all non-blogger blogs TOMORROW! Well, I transferred over to WP in August, so this affects Mom Endeavors’ readers! So, apparently, starting tomorrow, GFC won’t be working here. No more of this:For those of you that read this blog (or others on WP) through GFC, I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. When they say it’s going away, I don’t know if that just means that little widget above disappears (mine already has) or if the blogs will disappear from your Google Reader or what. But, just in case, there are many other ways to follow along. First off, there is another site to read your favorite blogs through called Blog Lovin’. Just click the link to follow Mom Endeavors with Bloglovin here!

I’d love to have you join me in these places too:

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Thanks so much for following this little ole’ blog!  I appreciate each & every one of you that choose to follow along! Please let me know if you have any questions or something isn’t working! Thanks!

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