Favorite Red Fashion Finds #FOLLOWITFINDIT

It’s no secret that I love the color red. I tend wear a fair amount of black and red is my favorite accent to go with that. Red is my color of choice for a pedicure; my favorite bag is red; red was one of my wedding colors; and, of course, red is the color of my favorite team (the Nebraska Cornhuskers). We’re actually in Nebraska right now and suffice it to say that red is a very popular color.  Red cars, red clothes, red flags…lots of red! So, while curating some collections on eBay, I decided to look around for some red clothes & accessories.Red Fashion Finds eBay Collection #FollowItFindItAren’t all those red fashion finds fun?! They’re all part of my “Lady in Red” collection and I definitely think I need those red flats! We’ll be at the Nebraska game today and just about all of those pieces (except for that gorgeous dress) would be perfect to wear. And, of course, with my love for the Huskers, I couldn’t resist putting together a collection featuring all things “Nebraska football”. So fun! It’s all things red…which I will of course be decked out in today as we head to Lincoln and take our place in the “sea of red” on game day.

For more fashion picks and all kinds of other shoppable fun finds, you can head over to my eBay collections page. The new collection feature from eBay is a really cool way to organize some of your favorite eBay finds! I’ve got 24 collections that feature some of my favorite things!

What is YOUR favorite color?

Disclosure: My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.

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