Favorite at-home workouts?

(As a #Shak­lee­Blog­ger, this post is part of a spon­sored cam­paign with Shak­lee). It’s summer! For many of you, that means enjoying lots of time outdoors! From hiking, to biking, walking, running, swimming, or playing outdoor games with the family, there are so many great ways to get active. But, I have a bit of a dilemma with that. I’m telling you all about it in this month’s #ShakleeBlogger video…

See what I mean?! A dilemma for sure! So, I would love to hear your tips! What are your favorite at-home, indoor workouts? At-home workoutsI love going to Zumba, but sometimes it’s not feasible for me to get out of the house to go at that time. And, as a family, we love playing Just Dance on the Wii! Super fun! But, I’d love some more suggestions! Special exercises or your favorite workout videos…let us know! What does your at-home workout/fitness routine look like?

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  1. says

    I’ve been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred- it’s pretty intense for 20 minutes and I really like it and have seen good results. I also do an aerobic dance workout too, the Julian Hough cardio dance. I rotate between the two of those.

  2. Anna says

    You should look into different high intensity bursts of exercises and then alternate those with short bursts of things to keep your heart rate up. You could do them around the house or yard. It’s what I’m doing more of now than cardio…

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