eBay Selling Inspiration House

Do any of you have any financial goals or resolutions for 2012? Maybe a little more cash on hand…or a plan to get out of debt? Or, maybe you’d just like to organize & declutter the house a bit! Selling on eBay could be a great solution!

To help you get started, eBay just launched the Selling Inspiration House! This new site is designed to to help you see what kinds of items you could be listing on eBay from around the home. That wonderful idea of “found money”! As part of the Selling Inspiration house, there are numerous rooms represented with popups that contain links to the prices of recent completed listings in that category!

Once on the site ( Selling Inspiration House), you’ll see a picture that looks like this:

For an example (and since this is the life stage we’re in right now), I chose the kid’s room. Once you click on it, you’re taken to an example kid’s room. Like this:

I clicked on the $ sign on the diaper bag and a little popup appears, telling me that diapering gear has an average selling price of $22! Great info to know. There’s even a button on the popup (“Sell One Now”) that will take you right to the listing set up page. That way, you can do your research & list all in one setting!So, essentially, this new tool is designed to help answer the question, “What should I sell?” This is GREAT knowledge for potential and new sellers to have! Even better, the items were selected with the help of data analysts to represent high-demand items sold successfully on eBay, many of which earn sellers top dollar.

If you haven’t tried selling on eBay, the Selling Inspiration House (plus some general tips for beginners) should have just about all the information to get you started and helping you to meet some of your 2012 financial/household goals!

Do YOU have any selling goals in 2012?

Dis­clo­sure: I am an eBay Par­ent Panel ambas­sador and my eBay-related posts are spon­sored by eBay. How­ever, as always, all opin­ions and expe­ri­ences are my own.

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