eBay Parent Panel Ambassador

Eek! I’m thrilled to announce my latest endeavor…

I was asked by eBay to become a blog ambassador for the eBay Parent Panel!

Do YOU “eBay”? Are you a seller, buyer…BOTH?! I’ve long been a buyer on eBay! There were purchases for our wedding, before the birth of Big Brother, and even Husker football game tickets! As of late, it’s become my go-to source for replacements, unique items, and otherwise hard-to-find items.  Yet, although I’ve loved buying from ebay, the thought of selling has always been a little scary to me. WHY? I have NO idea because eBay makes it SO easy! Like, did you know that eBay has an entire Seller Information Center on their site?! I didn’t and if you’re new to selling, it’s a great place to start!  And, there are guides for all kinds of things! Have some great fashion items hanging around the house? Then the fashion selling guide (PDF) has what you need for clothes and accessories! The holidays are always a popular time on eBay! So check out the holiday hotlist which predicts what you could be selling this season to get the most value!

Through this partnership with eBay, I’ll be learning (& sharing with you, of course!) ways to use eBay as a tool–whether that be making you some extra money or saving you some! 🙂

So, tell me…What’s YOUR experience with eBay?

  • Are you new to eBay? What would you like to know?
  • Are you a seller? What are your best-sellers?
  • Are you a buyer? What do you like shopping for?


Disclosure: My participation as an eBay Parent Panel ambassador is a compensated position. Thus, my eBay-related posts are sponsored by eBay. However, as always, all opinions and experiences are my own.


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    I can’t wait to read more about what you are doing with this! I used to sell and purchase a lot but I haven’t in a couple years. I think your posts may motivate me to get back on the eBay band wagon!

    Congrats, Sara!

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