Disney FROZEN Fun Food: Elsa's Icy Blue Dessert Trifle
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 8
  • 2 small boxes (3 oz) or 1 large box of blue gelatin
  • 1 bag of blueberry marshmallows, cut into quarters
  • whipped cream (I used Reddi­Wip)
  • Blue & white nonpareil candy balls (found in the baking section)
  1. Make gelatin according to package directions and let set in the fridge for approximately 90 minutes.
  2. Once gelatin is set, you can begin layering your mini trifles ...
  3. Layer #1 – Blue marshmallows quarters with blue and white candy balls sprinkled on top and around the edges.
  4. Layer #2 – Two scoops of blue gelatin (I used a large tablespoon)
  5. Layer #3 – Whipped cream
  6. Layer #4 – Two more scoops of gelatin
  7. Then, top with whipped cream and candies sprinkled on top.
  8. Repeat with other trifles and serve cold.
Once the gelatin is set, the trifles only take about 20 minutes to put together. The two hour prep time includes the setting time for the gelatin. If you want to reduce the sugar a bit, you could omit the marshmallows and just do the gelatin & whipped cream. The effect would still be very similar! Or, just mini white marshmallows would look great too!
Recipe by Mom Endeavors at https://www.momendeavors.com/disney-frozen-fun-food-elsas-icy-blue-dessert-trifle/