Disney Publishing Apps Review

We’re pretty big Disney fans around here and ever since our Disneyland trip last summer, Big Brother is so much more area of all things Disney. So, between that and the boys’ love of our ipod touch (& my iphone), I was thrilled to try out 3 apps from Disney Publishing.

It’s a Small World

Description:Experience Walt Disney’s “it’s a small world” ride, song and lyrics in an inspiring new way. This animated app takes readers on a world-class adventure packed with whimsical interactivity, beautiful artwork, and unforgettable music.  Featuring the original Sherman Brothers’ song lyrics, this simple, poetic story encourages kids to meet new people, explore new places, and discover that it’s a small world, after all. You’ll span the globe, traveling over snowy Russian hilltops, across sunny African plains, and through deep ocean waters. Rich, surprising interactivity brings each new destination to life. Plus, a special sing-along feature lets kids to join in the musical celebration!Thoughts: This app was by far the most visually appealing of the 3. The animations are really pretty. And, this was the best app for Little Brother (22 months), although Big Brother (almost 5) did enjoy it too. As the description mentions, there are great little interactions that the kids can do with each scene–by touching different areas, various words, sounds, and animations occur. You could make the app even more educational for the older ones, like Big Brother, by talking about some of the different geographical & cultural differences in each place. At the end of the app, it plays the “It’s a Small World” song which the boys really enjoyed (and Big Brother especially so, because he remembers the ride at Disneyland)!

Pooh’s Birthday Surprise

Description: “Pooh’s Birthday Surprise is a Disney Learning interactive storybook designed to help children acquire and reinforce early literacy and pre-math concepts. As children read along with the word-by-word narration, they are invited to join in the birthday party planning with their favorite Hundred-Acre Wood friends. This rich storytelling experience features Winnie the Pooh illustrations and exciting tap-and-play animation on every page.” Thoughts: Big Brother really enjoyed this one! There is a story that is read, highlighting each word as it goes along. Plus, there are various interactions that take place as the story goes along. Many of them are sequencing (like the screen shot shown above), which is an important pre-math concept. Big Brother was engaged the whole time and loved the story too! In fact, I thought for sure that Toy Story would be his favorite, but he seems to like this one best.

Toy Story Showtime

Description: “‘Toy Story Showtime!’ is a Disney Learning interactive storybook designed to help children explore essential early reading concepts. Kids are invited to join Buzz Lightyear as he sets out to impress Jessie the Cowgirl in the talent show. As Buzz tries his luck at everything from comedy to juggling, emerging readers discover new vocabulary words in the context of a rich, interactive storytelling experience. Bonus activities encourage children to use the vocabulary in both guided and exploratory play.Thoughts: No surprise that Big Brother really enjoyed this one too! Toy Story is one of his favorites, so he loved the characters and especially Buzz’s dancing! 🙂 Just like in the Pooh app, there is a story that is read, highlighting each word as it goes along. Plus, there are various interactions that take place as the story goes along. In this app, the focus is definitely on literacy skills–letter recognition, vocabulary, etc. So, this app is good for helping to build those early reading skills. So, if you’re little ones enjoy Disney and you like a variety of educational apps for them to use, these are definitely good! All 3 apps are available for purchase on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in the iTunes App Store! For more information from Disney Publishing, visit disneybookapps.com (or check them out at Disney Reads on Facebook and @DisneyReads on Twitter). Disclosure: I received complimentary copies of the above apps for review purposes from Disney Publishing through Family Review Network. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

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