Desert in Bloom

In the desert, the “April showers” have brought cactus flowers! 
Thus, the desert is in bloom and it’s provided some great picture opportunities on our walks! Big Brother likes me to try to take pictures of the bees! 🙂
While we’ve seen so many gorgeous blooms lately, our favorite is currently the night-blooming cactus that lives in our front yard. Each blossom is only open for one night–about 12 hours. Once it’s in full sun in the morning, the flower closes and wilts. For the last 4 days in a row, we’ve had at least a couple open each night. Big Brother has been eager to see them each morning and I’ve happily obliged (& taken my camera with me)!

What’s blooming in YOUR neck of the woods?
Head over to “i heart faces” to see all kinds of beautiful May flowers!  


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