Coupon Class

So, lately I’ve had various requests related to sharing my couponing knowledge–requests to do friends’ grocery shopping, accompany people to the store to show them how to really use the coupons, and to do a coupon class. And, now I have the perfect solution–The Frugal Find’s online coupon class!!
The Frugal Find is a great site that I’ve been using to help me figure out this whole couponing thing.  The blog owner has been running coupon classes for awhile now in her area (northern California), but now has an online class!  I think this is brilliant!
So many advantages:
  • since it’s online, you can “take the class” whenever you have time from the comfort of your house.
  • it covers a variety of stores so you can learn how to “play the game” not just at the grocery store, but at the drug stores & discount stores too! 
  • you get a full year of access to all her detailed help & tutorials for only $9.95 (this is $10-$20 cheaper than other similar on-line ‘couponing’ courses I’ve seen out there).

With the information you’ll learn from the class, your savings will FAR exceed the $9.95 out of pocket up front!  And, if you “play your coupons right”, you will probably make back your money in just your first trip!  In fact, with tips like what you’ll learn in this class, I managed to save $10 on just a Cottonelle toilet paper transaction today alone! 🙂
So, if you’ve been thinking about getting into couponing & aren’t sure where to start…or, if you have been trying to use coupons without seeing those 50%+ savings on your shopping trips, I definitely suggest you check out this class!! 

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