Bubbling Swamp Slime (A.K.A. Green Punch)

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Looking for a good kid-friendly drink for a Halloween party? You can stir up some tasty bubbling swamp slime that’s sure to be a hit!


– lime sherbert

– pineapple juice

– lemonade

– lemon-lime soda


– scoop out some lime sherbert into your punch bowl caldron. (I used half the container and it served about 10 people)

– pour approximately equal parts lemonade, juice, and soda over top of the sherbert (I used about 1/3 the soda bottle, 1/2 the juice container, and 1/3-1/2 the bottle of lemonade).

*There’s no need to be really exact here and you could certainly substitute with other things (maybe limeade, ginger ale, or squirt). But, we loved the taste of the citrus & pineapple juice! YUM! Just make sure you have something carbonated to mix with the sherbert & give you that frothy/bubbling effect!

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